It’s Our Planet Too: Young Eco-Warriors Meets Sustainability

It’s Our Planet Too: a new range of sustainable products for budding young eco-warriors: the brand aims to inspire young’uns to love + care for the environment.

It’s Our Planet Too launched in 2019, before becoming a social enterprise in October 2021. Their ecommerce site went live this month in October 2021. As a social venture, they’re committed to giving back. They do this by educating littles ones (and their families) to make positive change(s) towards a greener future, whilst supporting charities, – by pledging to give a minimum of 50% of their profits to good causes.

Their product range includes:

  • 100% organic cotton tees, featuring their logo, or a beautifully-illustrated line drawing of an endangered animal: these are available in a wide range of colours, and are available for ages 3 to 14,
  • Their endangered animal water bottles features 10 illustrated animals, and provides a great alternative to plastic bottles: they’re available in two sizes,
  • Their durable, recycled, cotton gym bags feature(s) a beautifully-embroidered logo, and is available in two colours.
  • And last but not least, their fact-filled notebooks features 50 fascinating facts about endangered animals: they’re printed on FSC © paper with vegan inks, and eleven title options.

It’s Our Planet Too’s product pages include(s) a ‘products that look good, but also DO good’ section, which explains to customers how they’re minimising their impact and helping the environment with each purchase. A recent social impact survey suggested that over 70% of respondents have spoken to their children as a result of seeing these messages. 

Also, The It’s Our Planet Too website is an educational resource, too: it’s full of facts, inspirational quotes, images, and stories about ten endangered animals (which are written in rhyme). These resources help(s) children to learn about our planet, the effects that humans have had on it, and why some animals are struggling for survival.

The social venture was Founded by Kate Cohen (a mum of two). A lifelong eco-enthusiast (and a child of the eighties), naturally, Kate went on to study Environmental Science at University. This followed with a London commute (which was later replaced by a toddler, a baby, and a completely new way of life as a parent). This inspired Kate to begin writing stories about endangered animals in rhyme.

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Little did she know, that these stories would go on to form the basis of her venture. 

“Hearing about the state of our environment can be truly overwhelming. It can be difficult to know how we as individuals we can make a difference. I truly believe that if everyone was aware of the impact their actions were having, they would take positive steps to change it,” said Kate.

“BUT, this has to start with gently educating our children (and their families), so that considering our environmental impact becomes a way of life, and therefore dictates the choices we make. My vision is to grow It’s Our Planet Too into a brand that is synonymous with making a positive change for a greener future. We’re all about eco fun for little people. The aim is to inspire our children to love and care for the environment,” added Kate.

Kate was awarded with a grant by the Enjoolata Foundation in April 2021. She was also a successful applicant in the Santander Breakthrough Women Business Leaders’ Mentoring Programme in March 2021, AND in the Cambridge University, Cambridge Social Ventures programme (which was fully-funded), to support entrepreneurs towards becoming a social enterprise in September 2021. 

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