Strp’d Tigernut Flakes: They’re Gluten, Grain, And Nut-Free.

Strp’d (the health food product company) has just launched their BRAND NEW Tigernut Flakes. They’re gluten, grain, and nut-free, AND they’re free from nasties.

Tigernut flakes are nutrient-dense, high in fibre, and they’re a great prebiotic to help with your digestion: the perfect guilt-free breakfast option.

Strp’d Tigernut Flakes can be eaten on their own as a snack, or with your favourite plant-based milk as a grain-free cereal. They’re the perfect overnight ‘oats’ alternative, and they’ll taste great as a topping on your yoghurt. Also, you can toast them alongside coconut flakes and seeds, – as a paleo granola alternative.

“We’re delighted to bring our latest product to the health food market. Strp’d Tigernut Flakes are vegan, nutrient dense, high in fibre, and they’re a great prebiotic to help digestion,” said Ayesha Grover, the Founder of Strp’d.

Launched in 2020, Strp’d is a health food start-up, which is best-known for it’s focus on Tigernut-centric products. Prior to launching the brand, Ayesha spent a number of years of working in London, before graduating with an MBA in NYC. In 2019, Ayesha finally returned home to the city where she grew up: Lagos, Nigeria.

Ayesha launched Strp’d after she discovered the “super-ingredient” that is Tigernuts, whilst working in Nigeria. She was intrigued by the ingredient’s ability to enhance gut health. Having suffered from digestive discomfort for most of her life, Ayesha was always looking for new ways to boost her fibre intake through a range of gut-friendly foods. Tigernuts contain(s) more fibre than oats and chia, and it happens to include the best type of fibre, known as “resistant starch.”

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Tigernuts acts as a prebiotic, which serves as a fuel for the good bacteria in your gut, and it contains 3 x more potassium than a banana, 4 x more magnesium than an avocado, and as much iron as red meat. In West Africa, Tigernuts are best known for their aphrodisiac properties, as well as their nutritional profile (which is similar to breast milk, and is therefore great for kids).

In addition to being 100% plant-based, Strp’d Tigernut Flakes are paleo, and they’re naturally sweet, too. Compared to oats, they’re lower in carbs and higher in fibre, keeping you full for longer and reducing cravings. Their naturally sweet flavour means that they taste heavenly, with no need for added sugar or sweeteners.

“Don’t be fooled by the name. Tigernuts are NOT nuts, nor do they come from tigers, but in fact, they’re nutrient-dense tubers, and they sure pack in plenty of bite. They grow underground like a sweet potato, resemble roasted chickpeas, and they feature a texture which is similar to almonds. Tigernuts provide a naturally sweet flavour, which tastes delicious,” said Ayesha Grover, Founder of Strp’d.

Since launching, Strp’d has already managed to secure a listing on Ocado. They’re available on Amazon, and on their website.

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