Vegan-Friendly Hoosh Brings A New Approach To Men’s Grooming

Inclusion and representation: from six packs to hairy backs, Hoosh has launched a BRAND NEW, 100% vegan hair-removal cream for men of ALL shapes and sizes.

Hoosh’s Founder, Beatriz Barter moved to the UK at the age of 17 from Angola (she was unable to speak a word of English when she first moved here). Now, aged 43 (and an accountant by profession), she married an Englishman and she was also recently blessed with a baby boy.

With the unique opportunity to alter her direction in life (brought on by being stuck at home during the pandemic), Beatriz aspired to create a brand and a product line that men of all ages, shapes, and gender preferences could feel comfortable buying and using. Motivated by her friend (the Founder of the women’s brand, Woo Woo), Beatriz set about creating a brand for men: all men.

The inspiration behind Hoosh came from the days when she used to go clubbing with her male friends, – many of whom she describes as metrosexual, – with a significant level of care towards their appearance. 

“Most of my male friends used hair removal cream, but there were only really two kinds: one was a ‘repackaged’ women’s brand ‘for men. Others had pictures of steel toned abs on the packaging, and most of my friends didn’t look like that! No one took the time out to think about making ALL men feel good about the product,” said Beatriz Barter.

This experience greatly influenced her determination to ensure that Hoosh DOES NOT fall into male such stereotypes.

“I also struggled for years with body confidence, and I hated my body. I hated wearing anything that would show my legs in my teens, in my twenties, and early my early thirties. Finally, in my mid thirties, I started to embrace my flaws and accept that my body was not perfect, and that all these “perfect” bodies we see in magazines aren’t either. The world isn’t full of ‘Hollywood’ men and women, and this is crucial to Hoosh,” added Beatriz.

Hooch is a REAL brand made for men, regardless of their shape, gender, colour, and sexual preference(s). 

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Officially Founded in 2020 (but incorporated in May 2021), this exciting new UK-based brand brings a fresh dimension to the men’s grooming sector. Embracing an array of natural ingredients to produce the gentlest, user-friendly hair removal cream on the market, Hoosh is developed with all types of men in mind, and it can be easily applied all over the body and rinsed off in the shower in just 3 minutes, – to remove any unwanted hair without the fuss.

Formulated using Aloe Vera, Chamomile Oil, Neroli, Hamamelis Virginiana Water, Coconut Oil, Provitamin B5, and witch hazel water, this gentle product provides men with beautifully smooth, hair-free skin. The addition of neroli has eradicated the less-than-appealing odour often associated with other hair removal creams, – to leave the skin smelling fresh.

Hoosh comes at a time of increasing diversity: as we learn more about the needs of our fellow man, there is an increasing need for more inclusion, liberation, and representation in the products we use everyday. Beatriz hopes her brand will become a symbol of such societal growth.

“Hoosh is for men, and for those who don’t identify as men, – but who take their grooming and appearance seriously. Hoosh stands for body-positivity, and aspires to instil confidence in men. It’s about encouraging pride in our bodies, and raising awareness of the importance of taking care of your body. Hoosh is about empowering men, and giving them representation in the beauty and cosmetic world,” said Beatriz.

Their casting and advertising team welcomes plus-size models, disabled models, and those who don’t necessarily identify as ‘men’ (as demonstrated on their website): “we are all about body-positivity in a whole new direction.”

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