Candles for Chaps: ‘Because Men Totally Love Scented Candles’

Meet Candles for Chaps, the candle start-up for men: they create innovative scents that make(s) even the manliest of men crave a candle this Christmas (2021).

“Everyone knows that nothing delights a man more than receiving a candle for a Christmas,” said no man EVER, until now. Made by men, for men (who of course, wouldn’t normally want such gifts), – Candles for Chaps is out to change the way that men think about, and perceive candles.

Founded by the bizarre Co-Foundering duo of Charlie Hagan (the Managing Partner at Hagan & Pappin), and the photographer and documentary photojournalist, Ed Jonkler, – Candles for Chaps is destined for success.

Launched this year in September 2021, Charlie Hagan and Ed Jonkler realised late one evening, that most candles on the market are almost exclusively tailored towards women. Gobsmacked by this revelation, they decided to address this oversight by creating high-quality candles that are uniquely-designed for our more masculine counterparts.

Because men can totally love scented candles, too...”

After relishing in the scents initially created by Ed, the two friends decided to set up the business together on a whim. And who could blame them with two eccentric and transcending scents, inspired by the ultimate man-dream: power (‘Scent of Power’) and cars (‘Grand Tourer’)?

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Imagine lighting a candle, taking a deep breathe, and suddenly, you’re transported to a barbershop in St James, London. OR, dropped into the leather bucket seats of a Series 1 Jaguar E-type on the podium at Goodwood. Ed and Charlie have created extravagant scenes with their scents. They know it’s a bit silly, but that’s kind of the point.

‘Scent of Power’ includes elements of aged oak and sandalwood (with a dash of tobacco), whilst the ‘Grand Tourer’ combines aged leather with a hint of labdanum, – paired with birch tar for a smoky finish. Both are flying off the shelves at a rate of knots, – just in time for Christmas this tear (2021).

Candles for Chaps’ candles are handmade in London using an all-natural wax blend of soy, coconut, and beeswax: good old fashioned, manly candles, hand-poured into paint tins… for men: “we set out to make candles into a manly gift, given that they’re already at the top of so many Christmas lists. Our scents are individual and memorable, just like the men they attract,” said Charlie Hagan, Candles for Chaps’ Co-Founder.

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