Botanycl SkinClear Elixir: Now Stocked In Holland And Barrett

Meet Botanycl‘s Founder, Caroline Sims: from mental health nurse, to skin problems, to Botanycl + SkinClear Elixir (which is now stocked in Holland and Barrett).

Botanycl was Founded in 2018 by a former mental health nurse, named Caroline Sims. Caroline suffered with severe skin problems for many years, and it was this struggle that inspired her to create her own plant-based supplements brand: “I’ve always had problems with my skin. I had spots throughout my teenage years which didn’t seem to go away when I transitioned into adulthood.”

Caroline was so determined to improve her skin health, that she searched endlessly for solution. But nothing worked, so she took it upon herself to do her own research. And after looking into various scientific studies, Caroline decided to switch to natural, plant-based ingredients, and… the results were positive.

Caroline was amazed at how clear her skin looked. Finally, she had the confidence to leave her house without makeup on (not to mention the lovely compliments she received about her skin). Following this, she decided to create and launch SkinClear Elixir (which cleared her skin within a week).

SkinClear Elixir was developed in a state-of-the-art UK manufacturing facility (which works to strict GMP Standards). The product is made with evidence-based botanicals: it also includes Vitamin A and C, and skin-brightening nutrients, – giving you a completely natural glow.

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Since launching the business, the range has expanded out to also include vitamin supplements for immune support and energy.

Botanycl is now a leading vitamin brand, and it’s stocked in Holland and Barrett.

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