JUST LAUNCHED! Calla Lily London: Get The Lowdown Here.

JUST LAUNCHED! Calla Lily London is the brand new, sustainable, adaptable, and holistic womenswear brand that everyone’s talking about. Get the lowdown here.

Set up by Natalia Miller (a marketing expert, and the Founder of an influencer marketing agency, named GRL Global) and Georgie Haring (a former lawyer and a mother-of-two, who went on to work in distribution and manufacturing in the fashion industry), – the fashionista duo are on a mission to tackle the over-consumption of single-use, fast-fashion purchases. Here’s how they’re doing it:

“We’re on a mission to create timeless pieces made from fabrics that’ll withstand the test of time. For example, we’ve created a skirt that can be worn in at least three different ways, giving you pure control over your style: 1. Complete coverage, 2. You can tie it to create a slit down the side of your leg, and/or 3. You can tie it where you have your whole torso and your legs out, – for the more daring soul,” said Natalia Miller.

“People are buying so many items that they’ll wear once and throw away. Our motto is that we want people to buy items that they can keep in their wardrobe forever. We’re big on quality-over-quantity,” added Natalia Miller.

Also, the brand is completely season-less: “traditionally, you’ve got the spring-summer, and the autumn-winter collections. We wanted to create something that you could wear all year round. THAT’s what’s required to create a company that’s using sustainable fabrics,” said Georgie Haring.

Calla Lily London’s pieces are made in India (with fair trade practices and wages), using two main fabrics throughout their collection: 1. a sustainable fabric called ‘rose petal fibre,’ and 2. viscose, – which is sourced from a sustainable forest (viscose comes from trees).

Rose petals are a biodegradable fabric. In Calla Lily London’s case, the label uses leftover petals, which are broken down and spun into fibres, without the need for chemicals (unlike polyester): “it feels pretty much like silk,” said the duo. They use organic dyes, too.

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AND, the brand is giving back, by planting one tree per purchase through Tree Nation, as well as donating some of their profits to MYNA Mahila (a menstrual charity).

This fits in with their ethos to support women through everything they do, which was a big part of their inspiration: “we’re BIG advocates for creating opportunities for women: there are girls in India who cannot get basic healthcare for their menstrual cycles. Our collection will help these girls to have their basic needs met.”

To add to this, traceability and transparency is also a huge motivator for the duo: customers will be able to see where the fabric came from, who’s making it, and where it got shipped from/to. Eventually, this information will be featured on their website, too.

In terms of their brand’s new capsule collection, it features women’s casual-to-dressy garments: tops, trousers, dresses, blouses, and a skirt. And on a finishing note, Calla Lily London is already starting to grab the attention of women on the high street, and on social media. Natalia in particular, – has been catching eyes on the street.

“I got stopped two times by two completely different women to ask where the skirt was from. That was such a win for me. They’ve gone out of their way to comment on our pieces. It was such a surreal moment saying: “this is one of our pieces.” We’ve also had a lot of people messaging us, asking when we’re launching, and how to buy certain pieces.”

Get the lowdown on the launch here: https://www.calla-lily.co.uk