Helix And Conch Has Expanded Their Solid Gold Collection

Helix & Conch (the independent British jewellery brand) has expanded their solid gold collection: 26 new designs (just in time for the Christmas gifting season)

Helix & Conch‘s new, solid gold collection is priced between £28 – £110, and it features some of the brand’s best-selling designs.

Their latest jewellery drop includes a series of 9k gold charms (which pairs brilliantly with the Ciclo from the Helix & Conch range), a variety of 14k gold huggie hoops, fine and delicate 14k gold chains (which can be worn with hoops or studs to alter the look), and an assortment of intricately-designed solid gold labret studs.

The luxury collection is a curation of pure solid gold pieces with superior quality cubic zirconia, that is tarnish free, non-fading, and is suitable for everyday wear.

“There was an overwhelming demand from my customers to grow the solid gold collection, so that they could incorporate some extra special pieces into their curated ear wardrobe. I always recommend customers that are buying solid gold pieces to take a look at our luxury graphite grey earring box. It’s perfect for storing [and transporting] earrings in a safe place, – away from dust,” said Helix & Conch’s Founder, Abby Summerville.

At 7cm x 10cm, the box is ideal for convenience and “with three sections to nestle them into, there is plenty of room to keep the collection going,” described Abby.

Helix & Conch officially launched in 2019. Their mission? To bring their beautiful range of earrings (huggies, studs, cuffs and more) to the masses at an affordable price. When you buy from Helix and Conch, you’re not buying from a huge conglomerate: you’re buying from Abby, a down-to-earth, England-based, working mum of two young boys. 

“I’ve always been a bit of a magpie, coveting my mum and my paternal grandmother’s jewellery. You’d never catch either of them going out without a bit of sparkle, and I’m the same,” said Abby on the long-running inspiration behind her start-up.

After 20 years of working with luxury brands spanning fragrance, hair, beauty and fashion (most notably, the sublimely cool and completely ‘dress-less’ bridal brand, House of Ollichon), Abby finally felt brave enough to set up her own business. After years of working for others within this lavish industry, Abby used her experience and her love of jewellery to launch Helix & Conch.

Initially, Abby hoped that her business might afford her and her family an extra special holiday each year. She had no idea that Helix & Conch would go on to surpass a six-figure turnover, especially after a catastrophic 2020 for all.

The success of her brand can be easily quantified by their increasing revenue growth. Just two years since launching, Helix & Conch has multiplied its year one income by 5X, and is set to triple their year two income by year-end. Also, Helix & Conch products have been picked up by celebrities, such as Myleene Klass, and the Former Editor of Glamour and now You Magazine, Jo Elvin. 

Find out more here: https://helixandconch.com