Neitiv: The UK’s 1st Sustainable + Vegan Coconut Flower Beer

Neitiv enters the beer market with the UK’s first ever range of coconut flower beers. The products are vegan, sustainably produced, AND they’re low in calories.

Launched earlier on this year (in 2021), NEITIV has introduced some innovative new flavours to the beer industry. Their ‘Coconut Flower Beer For Women’ is the latest in premium, British lagers.

Featuring distinct styles (ranging from 1.5% – 4% ABV), Neitiv provides three types of lager: Ninkasi (which is sweet, with a rich coconut finish), Menquet (which is bright and light, with a hint of hops), and Dea Latis (which is crisp and soft, with a mild hoppy finish).

Neitiv uses highly-nutritious coconut flower drops (which are full of antioxidants) as their primary ingredient. Coconut flower drops contain(s) more than 20 minerals, and they’re high in protein and amino acids, – with a low glycaemic index.

Having grown up in Malaysia, Neitiv’s Co-Founder, Vaani VetriKo, was conditioned to believe that drinking beer was “frowned upon” as a woman: “as a woman from Malaysia, growing up, I learned that drinking beer was frowned upon. It was something that I just wasn’t able to enjoy,” said Vaani.

However, even whilst living in the UK, she quickly became aware that only 17% of women tend to prefer beer in comparison to 53% of men, according to The Gender Pint Gap (a study led by the British group, Dea Latis, in 2018). Neitiv is therefore, – on a mission to smash gender stereotypes, and to empower everyone to enjoy beer, without the fear of there being any consequences. 

Saddened to see videos, news, and posts on social media of women being assaulted, attacked, judged, punished, – and even persecuted for enjoying beer or alcohol, Vaani VetriKo decided to challenge this: “anyone should be able to drink anything, hence why we have created a Coconut Flower Beer that is designed to make women feel more invited and welcome. Ultimately, we want to eradicate the negative stigma towards women drinking beer or alcohol worldwide.”

As part of this manifesto, the company is also supporting projects such as All Yours Period Poverty to help enable people in all areas of their lives to succeed. Also, sustainability is paramount to the brand, as it ambitiously aims to be the most sustainable option on the market, with it’s fully-recyclable packaging, and harvesting techniques.

Vaani VetriKo holds an LLB Honours degree from the University of Gloucestershire. Before Co-Founding Neitiv with her husband Keeran, Vaani worked in various project management roles for a number of companies, including BMW, MINI, and Honda.

Neitiv is also planning some very exciting new product launches in the coming months...

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