Meet Wild Hearts Skin (The Latest Wild Hearts Brand Launch).

Wild Hearts Skin is the latest launch into Anne Doherty-Lyons’ Wild Hearts brand. Wild Hearts Skin, – is a vegan skincare range that uses active ingredients.

Anne Doherty-Lyons’ (a Former model) Wild Hearts brand, – consists of Wild Hearts Gang (which empowers girls through their first period and beyond), Wild Hearts Doggies (the first ever season box for dogs), and now… Wild Hearts Skin.

Wild Hearts Skin is a results-driven, vegan skincare range, – that blends proven, active ingredients with nature’s own superpowers. The products are formulated to help all skin types to achieve a healthy, fresh, filter-free glow. The brand is an ageless, everyday skincare routine, – that creates exceptional results (for an accessible price point).

Alongside some of the most effective ingredients honed by science, Wild Hearts Skin uses specially-selected plant and fruit extracts, such as papaya, marshmallow, raspberry, and watermelon – known as “Super Extract” (they provide a multi-targeted approach towards taming a wide range of skin concerns).

Hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant-rich, Wild Hearts Skin’s unique formulations works to soothe, brighten, and plump all skin types, leaving you with fresh, glowing, and naturally-beautiful skin. With 7 products in total, you can find out more about their hero products below:

There You Glow Raspberry And Marshmallow Glow Cream:

This antioxidant-packed, flavonoid-rich mucilage of the marshmallow plant, – creates a soothing, protective layer on the skin that calms irritation and inflammation. Combined with super hydrator, hyaluronic acid, this antioxidant-packed silky soft day and/or night cream will get you glowing, whatever your age or skin type.

Don’t Hate Exfoliate BHA Exfoliating Serum:

The anti-inflammatory salicylic acid slews away dulling dead skin cells to reveal brighter, smoother skin, whilst also tackling redness and blemishes. And with Vitamin C-rich raspberry extract alongside calming marshmallow, this gentle lightweight formula locks in moisture for an all-day glow, gradually revealing fresher, smoother, happier skin.

You Glow Girl Marshmallow Overnight Mask:

Pulling the kind of all-nighter that’s actually good for your skin, this pillow-proof, deeply nourishing, we’ll-do-all-the-work-while-you-sleep treatment, combines rejuvenating marshmallow extract and super-plumping hyaluronic acid, as well as soothing, hydrating, anti-inflammatory watermelon, so that you’ll wake up with the kind of skin you’ve been dreaming of.

Ditch The Filter Papaya Niacinamide And Hyaluronic Acid Serum:

Made with super ingredients (Niacinamide and Hyaluronic acid) alongside pampering papaya, this super-smoothing, pore-tightening, line-softening serum epitomises everything that Wild Hearts Skin stands for: forget heavy cover-ups and distorting filters. Care for the skin you’re in, and find your own naturally filter-free glow. Lightweight and easily absorbed, it can be used as a standalone serum, or as a primer.


Anne’s quest for no-filter-needed skin began some time ago. But it was a cancer diagnosis six years ago that led her to launch Wild Hearts Skin. 

Although Anne has now fully recovered from stage III thyroid cancer, the treatment left Anne with dry, dull and blemished skin. And whilst she eventually found products that helped, they were all at a price point that was out of reach for many. This kickstarted her passion for finding effective skincare at an accessible price.

“After recovering from stage III thyroid cancer, the treatment left me with dry, dull and blemished skin. I wanted to create a highly impactful skincare range that blends natural elements and medical-grade results for no-filter-necessary skin, – at an accessible price,” said Anne.

A huge believer in the healing power of plants, Anne set out to create a vegan skincare regime that gives medical-grade results, whilst incorporating naturally-derived ingredients. Her journey has taken her from skincare amateur to self-taught expert, handpicking the formulations for each product in consultation with skin scientists.

During the development process, Anne noticed that the results she saw in herself (smoother, clearer, and fresher-looking, glowing skin) were repeated in others too (despite differing ages, ethnicities, and skin issues).

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