Little Omo Inclusive Education: Representing Children of Colour

Little Omo is the UK’s first ever inclusive educational brand, which represents children of colour (a long-overdue initiative, launched by Desriee Asomuyide).

Little Omo was Founded in September 2020. Desriee Asomuyide launched the business, because she frustratingly discovered that the UK market for educational flashcards representing children of colour, – was non-existent. This set Desriee (who’s son, Isaiah was a one-year-old at the time) on a quest to create positive change in the sector.

Little Omo values diversity and inclusion: Desriee’s aim is to cultivate a more inclusive environment for children, – when it comes to education and play. Currently, the brand provides three sets of flashcards (parts of the body, numbers, and the alphabet), face puzzles, and educational/inspirational posters that more accurately portrays (and represents) the children of this world.

The flashcards are of the highest quality, and they’re safe for children:

  • The cards (and the packaging) are made from FSC-recycled materials, and they’re made ethically in the UK.
  • The ink used is 100% eco-friendly, plant-based, and it’s manufactured from renewable sources.
  • The cards are NOT plastic-coated, and therefore, they’re 100% recyclable.

Little Omo’s inclusive range of Face Puzzles provides a fun way for children to develop skills, and identify parts of their face, shape, and colour perception (they’re appropriate for children aged 3 years and older).

The Alphabet Flashcards include(s) 26 double-sided cards, with adorable illustrations (to help your child develop literacy, speaking, memory, and language). And, they provide children with a fun and playful activity, whilst educating children about cultural awareness (they’re appropriate for little ones aged 6 months and older).

The cards can be shipped (individually/wholesale) worldwide. They’re stocked in independent shops throughout the UK, Europe, and in Australia. 

As a fashion stylist, and having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, Little Omo’s Founder, Desriee Asomuyide, – was perfectly suited to create flashcards that represents her son (and other children of ethnic minority). She channelled her passion for drawing, creativity, and sustainability (not-to-mention her awareness of the complete lack of representation for children of colour) into this unique and playful educational brand.

The meaning behind the brand name is of great significance to Desriee, as it conveys her own cultural story and Nigerian heritage: ‘Omo’ means ‘child’ in the Yoruba language (spoken mainly in the South West of Nigeria).

Little Omo’s Founder, Desriee Asomuyide, said:

I have received an abundance of emails and messages from parents and guardians, thanking me for creating such an impactful brand. Parents of dual-heritage, White, Asian and Black children from the UK, America, and Australia have contacted me about the importance of my products for their children’s development. It’s such an amazing feeling, as a mother and business owner, to know that I am creating products that are helping to shape the children of tomorrow.” 

With over 10,000 units sold to date, it’s clear that Desriee is doing something right.

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