“Chasing The Light” x Bio-Synergy (Funded By HP And NASA).

Justin and Jamie

Bio-Synergy (the sports nutrition company): selected to support the two adventurers undertaking the “Chasing the Light” expedition, – as funded by HP and NASA.

The Bio-Synergy DNA kit (along with other tests undertaken by NASA, the European Space Agency, and Stanford Medical University) have helped to prepare the two adventurers undertaking the “Chasing the Light” expedition. Also, Bio-Synergy’s award-winning supplements (their Whey Better, and their Vitamin D3 supplements) are an essential part of Justin and James’ wellbeing and performance, – during their journey.

Much like the extreme conditions found on other planets in our solar system, the Antarctica has an austere environment that is useful for a range of human and biological research, ranging from isolation, to microbial investigations, to immunology, and much more.

Justin and Jamie’s mission will allow scientists to observe a rare scientific story of human adaptability, which will ultimately contribute to the ongoing mapping of genomic, physiological, psychological, and environmental data models of human-centred space exploration.

The Antarctica acts as the world’s largest reflector of the sun. The eyes of the world are currently on the West Antarctic ice sheet. If it melts, we’ll add at least another metre to sea-level during our lifetime. Justin and Jamie are working with the ESA to monitor the following:

  • Radiation levels,
  • Wind speed and direction at surface level,
  • Temperature gradients from surface level,
  • And ice states and condition as they cross the continent.

But what are the limits of the human body? This is an age-old question that personalized medicine can address in new ways (studying individuals who push themselves beyond physical and mental limits will help). Researchers around the planet will use cutting-edge technology and personalized health profiling, – to monitor training, expedition, and recovery (with unprecedented scientific detail).

This pilot will test personalized health in the most extreme context. Justin and James are relying on Bio-Synergy Whey Better to meet their daily protein requirements of 80g per day.

As brand dedicated to making it happen, having our supplements and our DNA kit chosen to support this amazing expedition alongside NASA and European Space Agency is a dream come true,” said Bio-Synergy’s Founder, Daniel Herman.

Daniel Herman

Daniel Herman has come a long way since he was in school. As a child, he suffered with weight issues, which lead to him being bullied. Because of his weight and the bullying, he chose not to participate in sports or PE lessons.

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Unfortunately, this continued on until he went to University, where he found his ‘calling’ for exercise. He began to follow rigorous training regimes and blend his own Rocky-inspired shakes, containing raw eggs, Horlicks, peanut butter, milk and almonds.

Upon leaving University, in 1995, Daniel had gone through quite a transition – to the point where he even applied to be a contender on the classic 90’s TV show ‘Gladiators.’ And whilst he never made it onto the show, he did eventually become a supplier.

Daniel was introduced to supplements around the time he applied for the show, and he was dissatisfied by the existing products on the market. In typical entrepreneurial fashion, this inspired him to leave his city job, – and to start a sports supplement company. He also became a qualified personal trainer, an SAQ coach, and a nutritionist.

Daniel’s goal was simple: to make an effective (research backed), high-quality, clean, and easy-to-use range for fitness lovers and sports professionals. And he’s achieved that: since 1997, Bio-Synergy has been exclusively manufactured in the UK, and was one of the first brands to offer supplement testing for athletes. As far back as 2002, Bio-Synergy was the official supplier to the Commonwealth Games.

Also, Bio-Synergy has been at the forefront of innovation, launching the first ‘all in one’ in 1999, and the first ready to drink protein in 2000. Many other brands have lowered the protein content of their powders, whilst Bio-Synergy have bucked this trend, by increasing theirs to between 90-100% from isolate.

Since its launch, over 4 million passionate sports and fitness enthusiasts have used Bio-Synergy to achieve their goals and fuel their performance. Bio-Synergy sports supplements have since been used by many of the world’s most respected athletes and teams. Their range of sports nutrition have contributed to Gold medals, PB’s and World Cup wins.

Find out more here: https://bio-synergy.uk