B_Boheme Has Launched Their ‘Slow Fashion,’ Vegan Shoe Range

B_Boheme (the vegan footwear brand) has just launched their brand new, ‘slow fashion’ vegan shoe collection, feat. beautiful vegan sneakers and ballerina flats.

This innovative launch, – marks the affordable, luxury shoe brand’s FIRST new collection in two years. And with a strong focus towards sustainable production, each pair is made-to-order (to reduce waste).

B_Boheme (the popular vegan footwear brand) decided to NOT release any new collections during the height of the pandemic. Instead, they focussed on reviewing their processes, instead, – to further reduce their environmental footprint. Now, every pair of shoe is made-to-order, and handcrafted. Alicia Lai (B_Boheme’s Founder) explained:

“The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. Part of that is the unsustainable materials used (even in other vegan shoes), but there’s also a huge amount of waste, too, – due to products not being sold. By manufacturing our shoes when they’re ordered ONLY, we can avoid that. This does mean that we’ve turned our back on our fast-fashion customers, but we know that most of them are as passionate about the environment as we are.” 

To encourage ethical fashion choices, B_Boheme makes no compromise when it comes to design: their distinctive styles are inspired by nature, architecture, street style, and vintage. The new collection features glamorous flats, and stylish yet practical sneakers (many with sequins and crystal-chain detail), and they’re designed by a team of specialists in the UK, and handcrafted in Portugal.

They’re 100% vegan (even down to the glues, and the processes used for making the shoes), and the materials used include(s) polymers extracted from cereal crops, – combined with viscose obtained from tree pulp (replacing crude oil), and recycled polyester textile (obtained from recycled bottles): the result is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and temperature regulating: they’re hard-wearing, and made-to-last. 

The New Range Includes: 

Related Products
  • The AIMEE Flat  (this comes in four colours: cobalt blue, black, rose, and tangerine): 

A beautiful, versatile shoe (which is handcrafted in Portugal) that embraces the use of animal-free, plant-based materials, embellished with a crystal chain (or recycled PET sequins), and a BB insole, – for superior comfort. This is a desirable and luxuriously comfortable ballerina flat to slip into, and makes for the perfect indoor glamour for home entertaining, school runs, meetings, and dinner dates, etc. 

  • The SCOUT Sneaker (this comes in two colours: black and multi-coloured): 

These striking new sneakers (which are also designed in the UK, and made in Portugal) are made from animal-free, plant-based, recycled materials, – that are trans-seasonal and multi-functional (to traverse the fast-fashion climate of today): they’re the perfect, luxurious comfort for today’s flexible working lifestyle, – and they go with everything, from tailoring to denim.

B_Boheme’s Founder, Alicia Lai, – is a qualified podiatrist, so the collection is as comfortable as it is beautiful: comfort is considered in the design of all shoes. The new collection is ONLY available from their website.

Alicia Founded her first sustainable fashion brand 14 years ago. At first, it started out as marketplace (where she brought other in brands to sell). During the pandemic, she took the time out to review her business and our processes (and care for her children), – and she repositioned the brand, post-COVID-19, and the new collection represents that.

B Boheme was named 1 of the “20 Most Innovative Brands To Watch in 2019,” by Pearlfinders. Alicia also had the opportunity to introduce her brand to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Find out more here: http://www.bboheme.com