Liquid Diamond: Now In 600 McColl’s Stores, Nationwide.

Amy Childs

Liquid Diamond Wines launched in April 2021. The label was Founded by the brand team behind Freixenet, and i heart Wines (namely Alex Green, and Matt Johnson).

It all started, because Alex and Matt felt as though supermarket wine aisles overwhelm consumers. So the duo set out to remove pretensions, and to revolutionise how they communicate with consumers by using emojis as tasting notes, with branding that shoppers recognise at a glance, and want to share online. 

The Liquid Diamond range includes two Proseccos – a white and a rose – and a newly-launched Sauvignon Blanc. The 12.5% ABV Sauvignon Blanc wine comes with crisp, bright flavours of lemon, lime, and kiwi, – conveyed to consumers on the label with fruity emojis.

By making premium wine easy-to-buy, Liquid Diamond’s Founders aspire(s) to make shopping for wine a fun experience for all. Their mission is to make wine as accessible as possible, so together with their Proseccos, their new Sauvignon Blanc is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, it’s ideal for dinner parties, and it’s equally quaffable during a laid-back evening at home.

The bottle is designed to appeal to an audience who wants their favourite wine to double as a statement accessory, so it completes their look when arriving at a party, or to adorn their Instagram posts. With the signature diamond displayed proudly on the front (and a golden textured cap bringing an extra level of class), their Sauvignon Blanc stands out.

The design is more than just for show, as it was inspired by rose quartz healing crystals, which is a nod to the brand’s values of self-care and wellbeing, – with a proportion of their profits going towards Mental Health First Aider Courses. NEXT UP, is their new collaboration Prosecco range, in collaboration with the TOWIE reality TV star, Amy Childs (available from December, onwards).

Alex Green (a Co-Founder at Liquid Diamond and Beyond Wines) said:

“We are excited to extend our Liquid Diamond family of wines with this Sauvignon Blanc, our first non-sparkling wine. Since our launch earlier this year, we have seen Liquid Diamond go from strength to strength, with a growing customer-base who recognise and trust our brand for providing quality wines picked for people like them. Whether they are first-time or regular white wine drinkers, these shoppers will have the confidence to try our Sauvignon Blanc.”

“With our emoji labelling and our social media activity, we’re also making wine shopping more fun for consumers, which ultimately benefits the industry by bringing more shoppers into the wine aisles,” added Alex.

Alex and Matt previously worked in the wine industry for various leading retailers. Alex has more than a decade of experience in wine buying for retailers (including Sainsbury’s and McColl’)s, and was part Freixenet Copestick, where he and Matt (who has over 20 years’ experience in the wine buying trade) worked together. 

In 2020 (against the backdrop of a looming Brexit), the duo set up a wine distribution business, named Beyond Wines, with a simple mission in mind: to make the most collaborative, proactive, and innovative wine business in the UK. In April 2021, they launched the first pillar brand, Liquid Diamond with two Proseccos – white and rose. 

Liquid Diamond is now available through their website, on Amazon, in 600 McColl’s stores nationwide, AND in other selected retailers.

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