Meet The Investment Banker (Emma Lawrence) Behind Strolleazi

Launched in June 2019 (by an investment banker turned product designer, named Emma Lawrence), Strolleazi is on a mission to reinvent the parenting industry.

With Strolleazi, Emma has revolutionised the modern-day travel system. Already, her product has won a Red Dot Design Concept Award 2021, ahead of it’s debut launch.

When Emma became a mother, she saw how time consuming, confusing and wasteful the children’s travel industry is, so she swapped the city for a drawing board, and she set about designing a new solution.

From cutting-edge safety features and integrated electronic safety systems, – to sleek engineering (and little feet on the wheels that leaves iconic footprints), Emma has created not only the most innovative and efficient children’s travel solution ever, but it’s also the most beautifully-designed. And now she has an award to prove it.

FYI: parents can purchase up to seven separate items just to leave the house with a child, – when it comes to traveling by car, taxi, buggy, or other (most of which which typically end ups in landfill after just a few months or years). Strolleazi is a beautiful, integrated solution that requires only two components, which is better for the consumer, AND for the planet.

Strolleazi is a one-time purchase of a car seat and an adjustable stroller, which grows with the child from birth to six years. The product uses sustainable materials throughout, such as vegan leather across the handlebar, 100% recycled fabrics, and natural, breathable, deodorising bamboo fibres on liners.

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The Red Dot is the most sought-after award for outstanding design quality. The international jury only gives awards to those who significantly set themselves apart from comparable works.

The innovation was awarded with the ‘international seal of excellence in design innovation,’ for its safe, stylish, and sustainable children’s travel solution (that saves time, effort, and resources).

Emma Lawrence said: “I’ve designed a product that incorporates everything I was looking for when choosing a car seat and stroller for my daughter. The team has worked incredibly hard to bring this new design to life, and we know that this product will resonate with parents. We are proud to receive such prestigious recognition, and I can’t wait to see Strolleazi in every park and café around the world.”

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