My Little Panda: A Simple Solution To Excessive Packaging.

My Little Panda: a solution to the overfilled vans that motor(s) around our streets each day, – delivering mountains of packaging waste that pile ups in the UK.

Millions of online orders each day = thousands of tonnes of cardboard waste each day. The UK is DROWNING in cardboard waste. UK online sales grew by 74% year-on-year in January 2021, and with this growth, – came a HUGE rise in wasteful cardboard packing.

We’re all familiar with the experience of unboxing our online orders filled with plastic, polystyrene (and other protective materials) to get to a branded cardboard box, which may in turn contain its own plastic packaging.

“Even recyclable cardboard creates problems. When a tree is cut down, it takes 30 years for a new one to grow. With the world facing one of its biggest-ever environmental crises, we really don’t have time for that,” said Paris Michailidis from My Little Panda.

The whole process mentioned above (which we’re all familiar with) is expensive, logistically exhausting, and it takes up huge volumes of space in warehouses (and in delivery vehicles), – not to mention the recycling demand that often comes with it. “Many of us find that our recycling boxes are full-to-bursting with cardboard, and that our bin is overflowing with difficult-to-recycle plastic wrapping,” said My Little Panda’s Co-Founder, Paris Michailidis:

After searching long and hard to find ways to create less waste through their own deliveries, My Little Panda (the online eco-friendly retailer) hit upon a solution to packaging waste, – based on Japanese origami principles.

After extensive testing, the company now uses wrapping paper made of the fast-growing, sustainable material, bamboo. “We’ve managed to cut down our packaging and plastic wrap by 90% when posting out a product. We are the first company in the UK to try it. The end of double packaging is here,” said Michailidis.

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Of course, it cannot (and will not) work for all products (such as extremely fragile items), but on the items that it does work for, the reduced packaging, – saves 80% of the space that boxed items occupy, enabling more deliveries per van, therefore lowering congestion and emissions.

Not only is the packing suitable for fragile goods, but it also serves as an elegant wrapping paper with a double-sided label, that has space for a message (removing the need to gift wrap), – saving time, money, and waste. My Little Panda hopes to cut out millions of tonnes of cardboard waste, whilst making unboxing experience a little more memorable.

My Little Panda was launched by Paris Michailidis in 2018, alongside David Mejias Fuentes. The first product took 11 months to develop. Paris was previously a nightclub owner in Cyprus, where he met and married his wife, Kelly in 2000, and in 2001 (after their first baby), they moved to London.

Since launching, the brand has produced impressive six-figure sales through their website alone.

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