MyBabyGrow: A World-First Sleepsuit With A Sewn-In Vest Combo

MyBabyGrow was Founded in 2021 by an Essex-based husband-and-wife duo (Pam + Ben). The product is a world-first innovative sleepsuit (with a sewn-in vest combo).

MyBabyGrow was Founded with a simple mission in mind: to make the lives of parents and carers easier. As part of their launch, Pam wants to share her journey to help other parents who may also be struggling, – by offering support, and a product that she truly believes will help to change parents’ lives for the better.

The product itself is the world’s first baby sleepsuit, with a sewn-in vest: something that has never been available on the market before (until now). The genderless baby-grow makes life easier for parents, by saving storage, AND decreasing washing, folding, and dressing time.

The innovative sleepsuit uses high-quality materials that helps to keep babies warm (and stay comfy and soft), whilst protecting them with double layering, and ground-breaking design(s). For parents who are eco-conscious, the product also reduces the need for copious amounts of washing, with it’s combo feature: no more ‘buying five different baby grows and vests.’

“Our products are based on innovative designs that makes dressing babies an easy, stress-free process. We believe in simplicity, affordability, and convenience. We wanted to create a product that would make parents’ lives a little bit easier,” said Ben and Pam.

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Pam invented the concept of the sleepsuit-and-bodysuit-combo whilst battling to get her wriggly 7-month-old into multiple layers. She was astonished that a product like this was not on the market already, so she decided to team up with her husband Ben to make the idea come to life. Pam’s journey into motherhood was not all unicorns and rainbows, and like many other mothers, the mental load and balancing act of being a parent was overwhelming.

“I felt overwhelmed with everything, and I pushed everyone away because of it. Everyone talks about the positive side of becoming a new parent, but the challenges that come with it are often kept quiet, and I was lost. I was lucky enough that eventually, I found the courage to speak out and to get the support needed, otherwise things could have been very different,” said Pam.

Prior to launching MyBabyGrow, Ben working in sales, and with e-commerce brands. He’d always wanted to start a business, and he saw this as his opportunity, so decided to go for it. However, for Pam, it was a little different: she had NO intentions of starting a business. But after she had a baby, she saw the opportunity and decided to help others.

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