Meet Oliver’s Cupboard, The Brand That Promotes Foodclusion.

Oliver’s Cupboard is a baby food brand that reflects the UK’s diverse society, – whilst giving babies the chance to experience world flavours from a young age.

Launched in October this year (2021) by a former lawyer and mum from London (named Sadia Ahmed), the entrepreneur single-handedly created Oliver’s Cupboard over a period of many months, which now includes a unique and innovative range of 7 month+ pouches that are organic and halal-certified, featuring Tom Yum, Bahia, Laksa and Korma, and more (with both vegan and meat options available).

Oliver’s Cupboard began when Sadia started her own weaning journey with her son. What started out as a hugely exciting time quickly became a sad and disappointing experience: Sadia discovered that the baby food aisles were bland, boring, and lacking in any of the diverse or multicultural flavours that she wanted to feed her son. 

Sadia is a British-Bangladeshi mum, and Oliver’s Cupboard is all about inclusivity: babies can learn about different communities through food from a young age, AND experience and enjoy food that is both inclusive and diverse.

“The baby food market here in the UK is static, and there is a serious lack of ‘inclusive food’ that represents the diversity of the parents we have in the UK. We’ve seen a gap in the market for a premium brand that can bring something new to a growing population who are feeling excluded,” explained Sadia Ahmed.

“At Oliver’s Cupboard, we intend to use a diverse range of interesting ingredients that not only provide a nutritious meal, but also encourage babies and children to enjoy the taste of different foods from around the world,” added Sadia.

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“Our aim is to build a premium baby and children’s food brand that has diversity at its heart, and inclusivity in mind. We want to deliver high-quality organic and halal recipes that matches a wide range of lifestyle and cultural needs, whilst being tasty, nutritious, and convenient, – without costing the earth,” said Sadia.

The launch includes six initial recipes, which are suitable for children from seven months onwards:

  • Sambar: A Sri Lankan-inspired recipe which is made with organic vegetables, rice and intriguing flavours, – that are lovingly-blended with gentle masala spices, including ginger and garlic.
  • Korma: An Indian-inspired curry, which is full of vegetables, rice, and chicken, and includes a delicate spice blend (fenugreek and turmeric).
  • Bahia: A Brazilian-inspired fish stew which full of vegetables, rice, and salmon, and is delicately spiced with coriander and paprika. 
  • Koshari: An Egyptian-inspired dish which is made with a medley of tasty organic vegetables, rice, chickpeas and cumin.
  • Laksa: A lightly-spiced Malaysian-inspired recipe with vegetables, noodles and chicken, and subtle flavours of lemongrass, coriander and mint.
  • Tom Yum: A Thai-inspired fish recipe, which is packed with rice, red peppers, green beans, salmon, coconut, ginger and lemongrass. 

Oliver’s Cupboard has already launched into Ocado since launching.

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