How Drynks Are Reshaping The Alcohol Free Drinks Category.

Drynks: the ONLY British alcohol free beer, lager and cider brand, with a range of 0% (truly alcohol free, NOT 0.5% (which is classified as low alcohol) drinks.

The alcohol free drinks’ market is BOOMING in the UK (and globally). In this day-and-age, consumers are becoming more health-conscious, and they’re moderating their alcohol consumption more than ever before. This has led to the meteoric rise of the ‘no-to-low’ sector. Now, there are literally 100’s no-to-low options to choose from.

Manchester-based Drynks have pioneered the sector with their Cool Vaccum Distillation technology. This revolutionary technology gently removes the alcohol content from premium craft British beers and ciders. And Drynks has a competitive advantage: they own the ONLY CVD technology in the UK (which guarantees a quality and a taste like no other).

Richard Clark

Drynks’ Founder Richard Clark is no stranger to the drinks’ industry. He launched some of the UK’s early low-alcohol drinks, one of which was ‘Iron Press’ in 2010. Admittedly, the product wasn’t a huge success, but Richard has taken what he learned, and applied it to his existing business.

Way back when, Richard started out in the 90’s as an Area Sales Manager for Bass, Molson Corrs, and Whitbread Brewers. Often, he would tiptoe over to the bar in search of a decent alternative to Britvic 55, but he was always left feeling frustrated. And this was his lightbulb moment: it sparked the very question that has burned inside him ever since: “what do you drink when you’re not drinking?”

“Our own consumer research shows that 49% of people have reduced the amount of alcohol they drank in the previous 12 months, and this isn’t a trend that will suddenly go away when COVID-19 ends. All of our drinks start life as real craft beer and cider (between 5% – 5.7%), before being gently dealcoholized (which retains the DNA of the original drink). This pioneering process ensures that we produce the best 0% drinks in the market,” said Richard.

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This idea brewed for over 20 years, but it finally came to life when Richard was unfortunately hospitalised for 12 weeks. Redundancy provided the perfect catalyst to leave his high-profile job, and he began his pilgrimage towards creating the “holy-grail” of alcohol-free drinks: a 0% drink that looks, acts, smells, and tastes as good as it’s alcoholic equivalent.

In 2019, Richard launched Smashed (a range of alcohol-free beers and ciders) with the intention of creating an entirely new category of truly alcohol free drinks that gives consumers a real, authentic choice and quality. The Drynks Unlimited Smashed range uses the finest British ingredients, and the drinks are vegan-friendly and gluten-free (where possible), with each drink containing less than 100 calories.

The seasoned drinks industry maverick has invested his house, his pension, his car, AND he’s raised millions of pounds to develop the products, and the brand (including raising over £1.5m to invest in the UK’s first-and-only cool vacuum distillation machine). Consequently, the Drynks alcohol-free brewery is now high in demand from competitor brands, – who want access to this innovative and next-generation drinks technology.

Last year, Drynks were featured on Dragons’ Den, and they were offered a deal with Sara Davies. Now, they’re listed in Sainsburys and Booths, alongside various other shops, restaurants, pubs and bars. They’re also sold in the UAE, AND they’re about to launch in the USA, and in Canada. They’ve also won multiple awards.

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