Planet Doughnut Have Just Launched Their Brand New DIY Decoration Boxes

Planet Doughnut (the creators of the UK’s most decadent doughnuts) have just launched their brand new DIY decoration boxes, – taking confectionery to a whole new level.

Planet Doughnut is a family-owned business that boasts an impressive range of 60+ doughnut flavours to make your mouth water (including classic and vegan options). And with the festive season creeping up fast, the doughnuteers wanted to do something special this Christmas, so they’ve just launched their brand new DIY doughnut decoration boxes.

For fans of classic flavours, Planet Doughnut provides all the classics, including the strawberry-sprinkled “Homer,” and the classic glazed donut (which can be ordered online with speedy delivery across the UK). But for the more adventurous, salted caramel and white chocolate with Lotus Biscoff, Kinderella with Kinder Bueno, and the chocolatey Diam Bar options are sure to satisfy even the hardest-to-please taste buds.

And if ordering online is not your thang, but getting out for some much-needed human interaction (after a year indoors) is, you’re in luck, as Planet Doughnut has got new stores popping up across the West Midlands and Cheshire, with ambitious plans to open new flagship stores in Manchester and Liverpool.

Planet Doughnut was Founded by a husband-and-wife duo, named Duncan and Samantha McGregor. And like many great food businesses, it all started at the home, back in the golden pre-pandemic days (remember those?) in Shropshire, in 2017. After six months of recipe creation and concept development, they started out by delivering small batches of doughnuts in the family car.

“We started Planet Doughnut, because we absolutely loved the fact that America had brought these amazing flavoured doughnuts to our shores with Krispy Kreme and the like. We thought we could do something similar with a British twist,” said Duncan and Samantha.

“Previously, we had been making vegan and gluten-free energy bars, balls, and shakes. We had a small company selling them at local Farmer’s Markets, but with the big chain supermarkets selling their own brands much cheaper, we saw the writing on the wall, and instead, we decided to focus on another area,” added Duncan and Samantha on what they were doing before they launched Planet Doughnut.

Today, the business has a custom-built bakery (which supplies independent retailers alongside its own stores). And, the team can create bespoke doughnuts for events (they recently worked alongside Topshop concessions and Carnaby Street stores, – to create specialist products for launches and branded events).

“Fast forward four years, and we now have our own custom fitted bakery employing over 100 staff who are all working hard to create fresh, ‘out of this world’ doughnuts. We’ve had an amazing response to the British sweet and chocolate themed flavours, done some amazing bespoke commissions, and it’s been great to see UK celebrities enjoying our creations. They’re a decadent, British take on an American classic, and we’re so proud of that,” concluded the duo.

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