Antler (The UK Heritage Brand) Unveils A Fresh New Look In Australia

ANTLER (the London-based heritage luggage brand) has launched a refreshed new e-commerce website in Australia, – moving them into a new chapter of expansion.

Established in Bury, Lancashire in 1914, ANTLER is best-known for delivering an upgraded travel experience, whatever and wherever the journey. Founded by John Boultbee Brooks, the quality and reliability of ANTLER designs continues to meet the standards of what you should expect from a British brand with over 100 years of experience and history.

Since the company’s Founding, the British heritage brand has made leather trunks for ocean voyages, and haversacks during the Second World War. When air travel arrived for the masses in the 1970’s, they were swift to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of travellers.

As highlighted by their deeply nostalgic website, Antler has been brilliant in the marketing long-game: “Ask for Antler” can be seen in old newspaper adverts dating back as far 1939, during the Second World War. The World’s Strongest Man put ANTLER to the test in 1960, and their suitcases were even referenced as being loved by James Bond in Diamonds are Forever.

With a focus on strong, durable and lightweight luggage, ANTLER is designed and engineered in London. Each product is made responsibly, and is tested to rigorous, industry leading standards. However, whilst well-established, unfortunately, COVID-19 hit the heritage brand hard. The team was significantly reduced during the pandemic, and now ANTLER operates with just 6 team members, but a new start-up attitude, – 100-years in the making.

Having reignited an entrepreneurial mindset in the midst of corpus cultural and economic change, ANTLER went through a brand reconfiguration in the UK, and finally, they’re able to scale again.

Over the last two years, Antler has repositioned itself as an aspirational travel brand with a fresh new e-commerce site. More recently, ANTLER launched to mark the start of a dynamic new era for the brand in the Australian market. This allows customers to order directly from their website with standard, complimentary delivery within 3-5 days.​

Amber Spencer-Holmes (Antler’s Chief Marketing Officer) said: “Antler has historically been Australia’s most-loved luggage brand. With international travel on the horizon, we’re delighted to unveil a fresh new brand positioning across our suite of digital assets. A highly-curated and streamlined collection of our European best-sellers is now available online (some for the first time in Australia), as well as via Strandbags, David Jones, Myer, and other leading retailers.”

In 2020 (mid-pandemic), ANTLER also relaunched their UK site that featured a platform move to Shopify Plus, and a new contemporary, design-led range of luggage, travel bags and accessories. In the next few months, we can expect to see a stream of new product launches from ANTLER, including a collection of bags made from recycled polyester, a premium leather range, and new mini and vanity cases (to coordinate with existing collections).

Also, ANTLER is set to launch in the EU by Christmas, and in the US in Q1 next year (2022).

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