KTSU: The Lisa Rolland Story: Shoe Bags For Busy Shoe Lovers

KTSU is a revolutionary new shoe bag invention for discerning shoe lovers (as designed by Lisa Rolland).

It’s for those who always find themselves carrying two pairs, and it’s for those who frequently go out in their flats, knowing full well that sooner or later, they’re going to change into those heels. Meet KTSU (which was designed by the incredible Lisa Rolland). KTSU simply put, means: shoe bags for busy shoe lovers.

And it’s an all too familiar dilemma for women world-wide going out for the evening, walking to work, or simply wanting to travel light, but with two pairs of shoes in hand. How do you head out the door with two pairs of shoes, swap them over at the right moment, and NOT be left with a pair dangling in hand, shoved into an overloaded handbag, work bag, or just flung into a crumpled carrier bag?

For years, KTSU’s inventor, Lisa Rolland just couldn’t understand why she couldn’t find a bag for this purpose: “Back in 2016, I was intrigued to find out what other women like me did when they waited until they got to the party before putting on their heels. Why wasn’t there a smart bag on the market that could hold my heels, and also my secondary pair?” said Lisa.

“When I went to a meeting, I didn’t want to walk in my heels. I wanted to wear my trainers, but I had no bag for my heels Four years on, having done so much research and production of various prototypes to get the very best design for today’s discerning, busy and practical women, I am elated to have finally launched KTSU,” added Lisa.

KTSU’s Lisa Rolland

What’s more, is: Lisa has developed the product from scratch using nothing more than a pencil, several pairs of very high heels, and a few sheets of A4 paper.

Four styling options includes cross-body, over the shoulder, tote, and backpack, – making it universally versatile, portable, and light to carry. Complete with a drawstring dust bag, it’s the ideal purchase or gift for anyone who loves their shoes. Available in six colours, black, grey, silver, bronze, red, and electric blue, the product is presented in a black box, complete with a cotton drawstring bag and an information card, with the KTSU logo debossed on the front.


As a Finance and HR Director in the family business in the painting and decorating industry, the idea of running a business certainly wasn’t new to Lisa, however design and manufacture were “certainly not [her] areas of expertise. In fact, [she] had absolutely no experience of either, but this didn’t stop [her] from researching the idea.”

“I held focus groups with friends and colleagues to find out how other women transported their heels. I networked like crazy to find the right person with the relevant experience. I spoke with designers, textile designers and product designers until eventually, I found someone who could produce a prototype. And in May 2019, the first sample was created, – proving the concept could work in practice,” said Lisa on her journey.

Throughout the entire five-year period, Lisa faced many challenges, both within her business, and in her personal life (including family illnesses and the incredibly tragic loss of her son, coupled with a global pandemic). But somehow, Lisa found the strength in her to keep going. Six prototypes and two years later, Lisa finally pressed the “go” button on production. Proudly, her stock arrived at the end of October this year, and the business launched on the 1st November.

And now, “I am delighted to say that 10% of KTSU’s profits will go towards funding mentoring and business support for women who have lived through challenging times and who have a great business idea. If it wasn’t for the support of great friends old and new, I doubt I would have had the faith to keep going,” said the shoe-bag inventor and entrepreneur.

Already, Lisa’s products are stocked in the Scottish Design Exchange in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and Lisa has exciting plans for new product lines next year, as well as some ongoing discussions about placing KTSU into some key retailers.

Find out more here: https://ktsu.co.uk