Sacred Skincare: The Luxury Brand That Wants You To BUY LESS

Sacred Skincare is the luxury, handcrafted skincare brand that is challenging norms, by encouraging customers to “buy less, buy better” with limited batch runs.

Made-to-order by hand in the UK in small batches, the Sacred Skincare range is a capsule collection of multi-tasking products that are 100% plant-based vegan and cruelty-free, containing ingredients that are repurposed from natural materials that would normally go to waste.

Natalie Hughes Founded Sacred Skincare just a few months before the start of the pandemic, after deciding to swap her demanding career in London for a life on the Kent coast, instead.

Having worked in insight, strategy and innovation for clients including The Body Shop and John Lewis Beauty, Natalie wanted to create an all-natural brand that would not only protect the natural environment, but would work to improve it, too.

With their streamlined, luxury collection launching ONLY at limited times throughout the year, Natalie is committed to creating natural, effective products, enabling customers to only use what’s truly needed, – reducing waste from packaging and unused products.

The current collection includes a facial oil made with by-products from the fruit juice, wine and jam industries, an exfoliating powder made with discarded olive stones, and a purifying charcoal powder made from coconut shells. The products help to repair and regenerate the skin, and support wellbeing, – whilst working in a way that supports the regeneration of the earth.

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Many of us know very little about how our beauty products are made, or what goes into them. We use products that add up to hundreds of different ingredients on our skin each day. Some of these ingredients genuinely benefit the health of our skin but many ingredients act as fillers with no real benefit to skin health. Our current range is waterless and each ingredient is carefully chosen to support the skin’s natural ability to repair and regenerate,” said Natalie.

Sacred Skincare uses glass and aluminium packaging that can be refilled or recycled many times over. Also, they’ve just introduced compostable packaging made from wood-chip reclaimed as a by-product from industry processes, and now, the business sets aside 10% of their profits to support regeneration initiatives, and projects that brings people and nature closer together.

Recently, Sacred Skincare ran a 7-day pop-up at John Lewis & Partners in Oxford.

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