Think INSIDE The Box. Laylo: The Chic Gift For Wine Lovers.

Launched in November 2020 by Laura Rosenberger and Laura Riches, Laylo puts premium wines (made by indie winemakers) into boxes you can feel proud to share.

Laylo sources their wine from independent winemakers, and the boxes come pre-filled with 2.25L (3 bottles) of wine. Each box generates 90% less carbon than glass bottles, AND they’re 100% recyclable.

Also, Laylo has tapped into a revolutionary new technology that ensures that no oxygen will sneak inside. This means that the wine can stay fresh for up to six weeks from opening, – aiming to tackle the 60MIL+ bottles of wine that are poured away each year, simply because they weren’t consumed fast enough.

Laylo was Founded as a side project last Summer by Laura Rosenberger and Laura Riches. Since then, both Laura’s have given up their jobs, raised pre-seed fundraising, hired a team, AND they’ve launched seven new wines.

The range is intentionally small, with each wine selected because it meets a high standard. This includes a Sicilian Vino Rosso made from grapes grown on Mount Etna, to a Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc.

Then there’s the box design.

There’s no need to splash out on fancy wrapping paper with Laylo, because each box design tells the story of the wine, the winemaker and the region, including a Super Tuscan wrapped in a genuine fresco that sits in a Florence Cathedral, and a Slovenian white adorned in intricate needlework.

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Another point to mention is that the boxes include(s) a booklet explaining what makes each wine special (such as the winemaker’s story, the tasting notes, and the recommended pairings, etc). Also, customers can add a hand-written gift note to their order.

Laura and Laura first met at Naked Wines in 2016. One Laura was the Marketing Director, and the other Laura was the Chief Operating Officer: “We both love great wine. But you can’t always justify opening a bottle. That’s why boxed wine really appealed to us, even before we launched Laylo. Laylo wine stays fresh for six weeks from opening, meaning that you can enjoy just one glass,” said both Laura’s.

In terms of success stories, Laylo was a proud finalist in the blind-tasted People’s Choice Drinks Award. The brand has clocked up 5* reviews on Trustpilot, and their bestselling Sauvignon Blanc was described by the Masterchef judge, William Sitwell, – as “a triumph!”

Laylo has also partnered with Soho House, Monsoon, Huckletree, yhangry, and more, and they launched into Selfridges recently, as part of the retailer’s “Let’s change the way we shop” campaign to encourage people to buy from small, creative businesses. 

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