Meet Snug: The Pioneers Behind The “Sofa-in-a-box” Concept.

Snug is on a mission to mix up the furniture industry + tear up the rule books, by creating a whole new furniture category for themselves. Find out how below.

Say ‘goodbye’ to twelve-week waits, and say ‘hello’ to next-day soda deliveries, this Christmas.

As well as new product launches, and new, limited-edition fabrics, Snug has also launched a revolutionary new delivery campaign, which aims to tackle the current supply-chain crisis: now, they’re delivering sofas by air, bike, boat and tube. Snug is going the extra mile to get orders to their customers on time (in the lead up to Christmas), by mobilising a fleet of alternative, unconventional transport methods.

There are almost 5,000 miles of navigable canals and rivers in the UK, and Snug intends to use this network of waterways to shorten delivery times. Customers living close to water could see their order arrive by boat, as part of this new, ambitious (or amphibious) plan. Also, modified bikes are being used to transport sofas faster in congested areas (such as in London for instance), – reducing the need for vans.

This important move comes at a time when traditional sofa retailers are facing severe disruption, with the average customer being forced to wait for up to fifteen weeks for their orders to arrive, instead of the usual eight-week period. According to Snug, they provide “the fastest sofa delivery times in the market.” It’s like Deliveroo meets sofas: that’s Snug.

Launched in 2018, the furniture brand are best-known for pioneering the ‘sofa-in-a-box’ concept, which put an abrupt end to the outdated twelve-week lead times on orders. Snug’s sofas fit(s) into tight and awkward spaces, thanks to their trademarked modularity, AND they can be assembled in less than three minutes.

Rob Bridgman, the Founder and CEO of Snug, said: “The UK faces the prospect of a testing period in terms of receiving orders on time in the lead up to Christmas, and the furniture sector isn’t immune to the driver shortage. We couldn’t afford to be couch potatoes and watch this crisis unfold, so we see utilising alternative modes of transport as the solution to ensure that we can continue to deliver on time, during this hectic trading period.”

This is not the first time that Snug has innovated the service category: in January, Snug created the first ever sofa to be sold with a prenup (to save arguments over who gets to keep the sofa in the event of a break-up, or a divorce). Also, in August this year, Snug tested their brand new sofa range, which was designed for “the smallest and most awkward spaces” in The Smallest House in Great Britain.

Snug’s Founder and CEO, Rob Bridgman joined the furniture industry just over a decade ago, following three generations of family furniture expertise and heritage behind him. Prior to launching the business, Rob was the Marketing Director for the luxury garden furniture company (and family business), Bridgman. Bridgman has been innovating and shaping the UK’s home and garden furniture industry for over 40 years.

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