NEXT DESK: Transforming Home Working Spaces Via THIS Solution

Introducing… Next Desk: the revolutionary new desk invention that creates an instant, executive-style home office space, without you needing to lift a finger.

The pandemic threw millions of people globally into home-working without much warning, and most people were not prepared for it. Next Desk’s Founder, Jan Kreft knew instantly that one big problem would be fitting a productive working space into people’s already crowded homes.

“Having worked from home myself for many years, I understood the negative impact it could potentially have on people’s mental health when the office clutter spills into the home environment. When there is no dedicated workspace, the strain of those small and constant interruptions from the home can build up for the home worker, and the rest of the household can start to resent the intrusion of office life ‘taking over’ their spaces,” said Jan.

So Jan devised a solution: she started to work on Next Desk shortly after the initial COVID-19 outbreak in April 2020, – as a way for workers to empower their home working, but with minimal disruption to their home lives: “I’d had this idea for a foldable and lockable desk for many years, so when the pandemic hit, I knew it was finally time to make it a reality,” added Jan.

Jan’s goal was to provide the home workers with everything they needed to be comfortable, in one simple unit: no more endless searching for separate office items that match (i.e. drawers, cabinets, secure units, etc), and no more messy cables and ugly office equipment on display.

Jan also wanted to create a space where all sensitive data could be secure in the home (due to strict General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules that many companies follow).

The result? Next Desk is a single piece of furniture that instantly solves all of these home office headaches, by simply gliding into a room: it comes with foldable doors, and a sliding desk top that contains a vast amount of storage, which is accessible from the front, side and back.

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The front wings include(s) a secure dual-locking system, meaning that everything is completely inaccessible to anyone without a key. The desk is powered by a central cable to the home, and with its four plug points inside (and two USB ports), home workers can conveniently power all of their tech, all of the time. There is even space to hide the printer.

Also, the deliberate neutral style, allows customers to easily use Next Desk for other purposes when the office is closed. It can act as a dressing table in the guest bedroom, or as a sideboard in the living room. “At the Business Show in London recently, one visitor to our stand told us that it can be an office by day, and a bar by night,” said Jan.

The Next Desk team provides FREE DELIVERY and FREE ASSEMBLY: “We want our customers to have a working space that is perfect for them, so our team do not leave your house until you are 100% satisfied,” concluded Jan.

Alongside Next Desk, Jan also owns and runs a specialist courier company that operates nationwide. 

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