SORSO: The All-Natural Tomato Base, Launched By A Busy Mum.

SORSO is a natural, gluten-free, tomato and sweet red pepper base sauce, that comes in unique flavours for everyday cooking, – perfect for healthy mealtimes.

Launched by Sandra Ikegulu in October 2019, SORSO is the creation of a busy mum-of-three with a demanding career and husband who works long hours, who had started to “dread” dinnertimes.

Sandra would arrive home from her workday in the city and frantically start brainstorming meal options, doctoring up canned sauces with all sorts of spices, to mask the “tinny” taste, amidst loud complaints of “I’m hungry!” “I was frankly tired of bland meals and an unhappy family, so I decided to try my hand at making the kind of tomato base sauce that I remembered having as a kid,” said SORSO’s Founder, Sandra Ikegulu.

“I started to make sauce in small batches over the weekends, and use it throughout the week. Best of all, I started to enjoy cooking again, and our dinner table became a place for quality family time over a delicious, nutritious meal, and I wanted other families to have that too,” added Sandra.

Today, SORSO’s versatile products includes sauces, concentrated pastes, and gazpachos, “The SORSO Way.” The products contain NO added sugars, preservatives or additives, and they MUST be kept chilled, in order to preserve their freshness. They can be used in pasta, gnocchi or vegetables, in a stir fry, as a dip or sandwich spread, for pizza bases, or with fish, chicken and meat. Also, the SORSO website and Instagram page provides recipes and meal ideas.

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“I have had a lot of pats on the back and positive reviews for the quality of our products, but the best feedback I ever had was just recently,” said the Founder. “We’d run out of our sauce at home, and my husband used a tinned sauce to make a stew. My daughter asked if he had used SORSO. He said ‘no,’ and she replied: ‘I could tell.’ That was the best compliment ever, and it reminded me of why I started this in the first place.”

Sandra is a mother of three children. Alongside SORSO, she works in the city of London as an analyst. SORSO started, because she found it challenging working her 9-5 on a good day in the city, and coming home to make dinner.

SORSO’s sauces are now available on their website, AND in various seasonal farmer markets. Since launching, the brand has fed over 2000 people. SORSO was also a recipient of a Great Taste Award, and a finalist in the 2021 Great British Food Awards.

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