Ataji Hair Care: The Perfect Brand For Type 4 Hair Beauties.

“Beauty brands should make more of an effort to provide top-quality ingredients that work for women with type four hair,” said Ataji Hair Care‘s Michelle Jenmi.

As a mother, the challenges of keeping up with her daughter’s hair became “a battle” for Ataji Hair Care’s Michelle Jenmi. This was especially difficult when her daughters spoke of how badly they wanted to change their hair. Also, growing up, Michelle herself was teased by her grandfather about how dark her skin was, and the tight, dry texture of her hair. This affected her self-esteem well into adulthood.

For African and Caribbean women, this internal battle with self-love can be an ongoing battle that can last for years.

Michelle wanted nothing more than for her daughters to love their hair. “We live outside of London, in an area where people do not look like us, and my girls were constantly asking why their hair wasn’t shiny and straight, and why they looked different. It was heart-breaking,” said Michelle.

This drove Michelle to launch Ataji Hair Care. Through endless experimentation and multiple ingredient combinations, Michelle set herself the difficult task of formulating different creams to naturally hydrate and style the type four hair beauties in her family.

“After searching for a long time, I found and enrolled in a course at Formula Botanica, which taught me how to formulate from scratch. The course gave me an understanding of ingredients, and the background and testing requirements needed to produce cosmetic formulations,” said Ataji Hair Care’s Founder.

“At first, I made products for home use, and I gave them away to friends and family. But after receiving amazing feedback, I realised that there were many more people out there that had the same issue I had with regards to finding products that works on textured and dry hair. This is when I decided that I needed to bring my products to market,” said Michelle.

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“Before starting Ataji Hair Care, I worked in the Airline Industry for 16 years, where I did the weight and balance of aircrafts, – so nothing to do with hair, basically. But when I was furloughed from work in April 2020, all of a sudden, time was not an issue, and I decided that there was no better time to test the waters, so I opened an Esty store, and I haven’t looked back since. I left the airline in August 2020,” added Michelle.

Michelle has created and curated a product collection that provides a home hair therapy process. Rooted in the belief that hydration is the foundation for strong, healthy hair, Ataji Hair Care encourages women to nourish their natural textures with products that delivers their strands with the moisture it needs, WITHOUT any harsh chemicals.

With carefully crafted ingredients (including rose water, kokum butter, pumpkin, aloe vera, and more), Ataji Hair Care formulates each product with 100% organic ingredients that helps to promote strength, length, and shine for long-lasting results.

Ataji Hair Care is now on a mission to bring hair back to its rooted state of moisture, WITHOUT any damage to locs and coils. Their Loc Kit comes with the ground-breaking trio of the Daily Moisturising Juice, Hair Butter, and the powerful Scalp and Hair Oil. Also, the brand uses natural preservatives and ingredients that are high in anti-oxidants.

Ataji Hair Care was one of 100 small businesses from across the UK to mark the official count down to last year’s Small Business Saturday UK.

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