Sally Hughes + Kair: Reimagining Laundry (The Way It Should Be)

Founded in 2021, Kair was formulated to expertly clean the clothes you love, meaning that you can wear them as often as you want, for as long as you want.

Founded by Sally Hughes, Kair “reimagines laundry the way it should be,” by elevating the laundry experience with bespoke, premium scents that lingers long after washing, making your clothes feel fresher for longer. 

Kair’s product range includes simple clothing washes, fabric conditioner, laundry sprays and specialist washes (such as wool, cashmere and activewear washes), as well as refill pouches, enabling you to refill your glass bottles after use, and ultimately reduce plastic waste.

It all started because Sally felt “frustrated that no one was talking about the most impactful thing the industry can do to tackle the sustainability crisis – Buy Less, Wear More,” and so she decided to tackle the problem from a different angle, by improving the laundry experience.

Sally has spent a career working for some of the world’s biggest fashion companies, and she has managed to uncover some interesting research:

  • It is estimated that Brits wear just 44% of the clothing we own (that’s less than half of everything hanging in our wardrobes).
  • More alarmingly, we wear each garment just ten times on average, before we dispose of it.
  • 82% of adults agreed that they’d like to extend the lifespan of their clothes. If only there was a way…

Well, there is now.

“No-one has focused on the most impactful thing we can do to create a more sustainable fashion future – Buy Less, Wear More. One of the most important steps towards responsible fashion consumption, is to extend the lifespan of our clothes. Yet traditional detergents can degrade fabrics quickly and make that hard. So, we’ve re-imagined laundry,” said Sally Hughes from Kair.

“We found that consumers WANT to wear their favourite pieces more, but time and time again they talked about ‘the laundry fear’ – the worry of washing their clothes and ruining them, or seeing garments they’d invested in and loved lose vibrancy and shape. I knew that if we could create clothing care products that were formulated for fabric care, we would take away that laundry fear, and make sure that our favourite pieces can be worn again and again,” added Sally.

Kair’s laundry range is as kind to the planet as it is to clothes: each formula is biodegradable, vegan, cruelty-free and is produced in refillable jewel-toned, frosted glass bottles (an infinitely recyclable material). And when the time comes to finally refill, Kair’s lightweight refill pouches eliminates 76% of plastic waste.  

Since launching, Kair has already partnered with several fashion brands to spread their message, including Kitri and Stories Behind Things.

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