Osmḗ Candles: Sustainable Hand-scented, Hand-poured Candles.

Launched in September 2019, Osmḗ Candles is a British chandler, specialising in hand-scented, hand-poured candles (made with materials from sustainable sources).

Made in Hampshire and created by Paula Grady, Osmḗ Candles makes candles in a wide range of colours, scents and sizes, using natural ingredients. Their glassware can be reused as a drinking vessel, to include your favourite tipple.

Their most popular scents includes Cinnamon, Mandarin, Frankincense, Scot’s Pine, Winter’s Eve and Hearth (which smells just like a log burning fire), for those who miss homes with real fires.

As a brand, Osmḗ Candles is constantly looking for new ways to reduce their carbon and environmental footprint, and they’re continually exploring new ways of being greener and more socially responsible. For instance, the soy waxes used in their candles comes from certified eco-friendly, sustainable sources, and their essential oil scents comes from organic and sustainable sources, wherever possible. Their packaging is made using recycled materials, too.

Also, Osmḗ avoids the use of animals and animal by-products. Whilst they’re not certified as vegan yet, they are vegan-friendly.

Paula Grady launched the business, because she was “fed up working in IT, and [she] fancied a change that would stimulate and excite [her],” she said.

The company started after she returned from a road trip/holiday in August 2019 in the UK. Despite developing breast cancer in October 2019 (which she overcame and is now in remission), Osme Candles pressed on with the development of new scents, blends and sizes, – to expand their range. Prior to launching Osme Candles, Paula worked in sales. “If you can’t find a job, create one,” she said.

Osmḗ Candles‘ also provides a bespoke labelling service.

Find out more here: https://www.osmecandles.co.uk