Trippy Tuesday: Vegan, Eco-friendly ‘Body Normative’ Candles

Launched in 2020, Trippy Tuesday are a female-founded brand that makes vegan, eco-friendly ‘body normative’ candles and jewellery, which are handmade in London.

Founded during the first lock-down, Trippy Tuesday is on a mission to challenge unrealistic body expectations, by counteracting the unrealistic body types being used in marketing, – creating a fairer representation for all.

Available in six body normative forms, the first form created was the Galerina: a realistic version of the popular ‘Venus’ candle. Portraying bodies with larger breasts and a belly, the Plutonia represents the fuller figure and body shapes that are often shamed in the media and in the beauty industry. With most women having one larger breast, the Mycena figure represents this, with two different sized breasts.

The Conocybe was created to represent a body-normative version of individuals with a penis. Anomala is the most recent body shape, which was co-imagined and co-designed as a collaborative project with a member of Trippy Tuesday’s online community. The candle lies down rather than stands up, and is noticeably different to the body candles you’ll find elsewhere.

Their silver and bronze necklaces provide a more permanent option: they’re cast, hand-poured and polished in-house. The figures are crafted into earrings and necklaces.

The silver body normative necklaces are made from 100% eco-silver, and the bronze body normative earrings are crafted from 100% reclaimed bronze. They’re perfect for showing different body types on each ear, by mixing and matching.

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“We are constantly inundated with images of unattainable bodies. This can have a hugely negative effect on us, especially with young people. We are eager to represent everyday bodies, – to show people that their bodies are normal. We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of support we’ve received, and the meaningful effect our body normative products have had on our supporters’ lives,” said Trippy Tuesday’s Co-Founders, Ruth Prada and Sam Margriet Bokma.

“As we grow, we learn more about the individual issues that people face with their bodies, and the social and political impacts that body image has on society as a whole. We want to make sure that our work makes positive a change by continuing to be an active part of a community that de-stigmatises marginalised bodies, and that helps people in their journey towards accepting and loving themselves and others,” added Ruth and Sam.

Prior to launching Trippy Tuesday, Sam was an Assistant Director on feature films and commercials, and Ruth worked in hospitality, as well as for several start-ups.

Already, Trippy Tuesday has caught the attention of various celebrity fans, including Miley Cyrus (who owns both the candles and the jewellery), Megan Crabbe (best known as the ‘bodyposipanda’), and Honey Kinny, – to name just a few.

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