Amy Anzel: From Actress And Producer, – To Hollywood Browzer

Amy Anzel has taken her love of beauty and her background in entertainment, and combined them to create Hollywood Browzer, – the #1 dermaplaning tool in the UK.

Amy, the former actress and producer, – is best-known for her roles on and off stage, in front of, and behind the camera. As an actress, she spent hours in make-up trailers and in backstage dressing rooms across the globe, – where she was exposed to the tips and tricks of various high-profile makeup artists and Hollywood celebrities.

This led her to launch Hollywood Browzer in 2017, for one simple reason: because she wanted everyone to have access to the same tools that makeup artists use on Hollywood celebrities.

The concept behind her award-winning beauty business, Hollywood Browzer, – is a multi-functional beauty tool that painlessly removes hair, and exfoliates at the same time (also known as ‘dermaplaning’). Dermaplaning was a ‘celebrity favourite’ that Amy discovered during her days as an actress.

Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation that removes the top layer of dead dull skin, peach fuzz and built-up debris, leading to multiple benefits, including: better product penetration, a flawless makeup application, and radiant, glowing skin.

Amy is adamant that dermaplaning should be an integral part of every woman’s beauty routine, and she believes that women will truly benefit from Hollywood Browzer’s dermaplaning products.

Amy can also be seen presenting her products on TV shopping channels around the world, including QVC UK, QVC Germany, and QVC Italy, – where she inspires women globally to incorporate ‘Browzing,’ i.e. dermaplaning into their beauty routines.

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Impressively, Amy’s hero tool, The Hollywood Browzer®, is the #1 dermaplaning tool in the UK, with over three million units sold worldwide. Since launching, her Browzer has gone on to become a staple item in most makeup artists’ toolkits, and… in millions of households, too.

The tool is a multi-functional beauty tool that shapes the eyebrows and instantly removes unwanted hair on the face and body, whilst also exfoliating the skin at the same time with no pain, redness or irritation. By removing the hair and dead skin cells from the face with the Browzer, a smooth canvas is created for one’s makeup application, thus achieving a flawless finish.

Dermaplaning also allows for one’s skincare to be better absorbed by the skin, thus improving its efficacy, – as there is no longer a layer of hair, dead skin cells, or built up debris to act as a barrier.

Other products in the range includes the Hollywood Smoother, the Hollywood Brow Perfector, the Derma Browzer, replacement heads, cosmetics bags and cases, a microfibre puff, mirrors, an eyelash curler, a headband, microfibre cleansing pads, a dermaplaning tool sanitising spray, gift cards, and various bundles.

“It’s amazing how you can start a business from your living room with just a few thousand pounds, to three years later seeing your products listed in major retailers like Boots, ASOS and Look Fantastic! Once you try the Browzer, you will never go back to waxing, threading or tweezing,” said Amy.

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