UK Vegan Skincare Demand: THE TRUTH REVEALED (By Skin Proud)

A new survey by Skin Proud has revealed that HALF OF BRITS admit that they have started to look for new, vegan skincare alternatives. See below for more info.

With each new year comes new resolutions, whether that’s eating better, exercising more, becoming vegan, or becoming more eco-friendly and sustainable. Regardless of what YOUR new year’s resolutions are, one thing is for certain: vegan beauty is on the rise.

As part of Veganuary 2022, Skin Proud conducted some research which revealed the key reasons behind this new trend: concerns about the planet, animal welfare, and the effect of beauty products on people’s skin.

Other reasons included: how natural the ingredients are (37%), and the price (51%). The findings ALSO showed that one in six people are more willing to try vegan skincare than vegan milk – with the same percentage of people claiming that cows’ milk negatively affects their skin.

The research was commissioned by the vegan, cruelty-free, PETA-approved and Gen Z favourite, Skin Proud, to mark their ‘Cowfunding’ campaign this January, as part of Veganuary. Here are the rest of the findings:

  • Almost 6/10 of those polled via OnePoll claimed that they didn’t even know that vegan skincare exists.
  • Top influences when choosing skincare products, included recyclable packaging (26%), natural ingredients (37%), and them being cruelty-free (36%).
  • As well as skincare, respondents were also looking for vegan milk alternatives (43%) and wine (24%), – in preparation for the new year to come.
  • Women are more likely to try vegan alternatives to men.
  • The study of 2,000 adults showed that whilst only 16% of respondents considered themselves to be ‘completely vegan,’ 45% would like to try vegan products.


The most interesting part though, is that of those surveyed, almost HALF were unaware of the impact of dairy farming on cows. And of the 52% who WERE aware of the impact, more than half said that knowing this information makes them ‘more inclined’ to try dairy free milk alternatives.

Skin Proud’s ‘Cowfunding’ campaign aims to protect cows and their rights in the UK, and in the US. The skincare brand has partnered with the leading, international farmed animal protection organisation, Animal Equality. They’ll be donating up to 50% of their online profits throughout this year’s Veganuary period (the 1st – 31st January 2022) to the charity to help reduce the suffering of animals in the UK and in the US, and to support further investigation(s).

“It is truly sad to see how little people know about how dairy cows fare when it comes to farming. We need to raise awareness of the treatment of cows as a result of dairy farming, look at alternatives, look at the beauty industry impact, and look into more vegan options. We know that many people are hesitant to take the step to try vegan alternatives in their skincare routines and diets,” said Skin Proud’s Marketing Director, Nora Zukauskaite.

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“With this in mind, we want to encourage more people to incorporate more alternatives into their daily lives. We can help people to make that change, with our simple and affordable vegan skincare products that are easy to use. Our hope in 2022, is that vegan options will become the first and only consumer choice for skincare and beauty products – to help with animal and environmental impacts,” added Nora.

“We are delighted to partner with Skin Proud on this important mission to protect cows and the planet. By joining forces, we are able to amplify the voices of these animals, and share the dark realities of the dairy industry even further. A kinder world is possible, and as consumers, we hold the power: each time we opt for an animal-free alternative, we edge closer to ending this cycle of suffering,” said Abigail Penny, Animal Equality UK’s Executive Director.

Skin Proud is the skincare brand that everyone’s talking about: they’re transparent, 100% vegan, PETA-approved, AND cruelty-free (not to mention being clear talking, with easy-to-use ingredients that lead(s) to a happier, healthy skin). Their funky new green colourway demonstrates their latest commitment: to enhance their ethos around skincare transparency, making it easier for consumers to decipher their way around targeted skincare solutions.

Skin Proud and Ciaté London’s Founder, Charlotte Knight.

Skin Proud was launched in the Spring of 2020 (the same month that the global lock-down began) by Ciaté London’s Founder, Charlotte Knight. “Over the past year or so, Skin Proud has gone from strength to strength: from expanding our consumer audience, to moving into bricks and mortar stores in Boots in the UK, and in the US retail juggernaut, Walmart, as well as bringing new and innovative product launches to the forefront,” said Charlotte Knight.

Animal Equality is a leading, international protection organisation that works primarily in the defence of farmed animals. They’re a registered charity in England & Wales, with entities in eight countries across the globe, including Brazil, Mexico, the US, Spain, Italy, Germany and India.

Their vision is a world in which all animals are respected and protected. To achieve this, they use a pragmatic, multi-faceted approach. They’re most recognised for their undercover investigations, legal advocacy, and public awareness campaigns, and their work has seen extensive media coverage, with stories in Sky News, BBC News, the Daily Mail, the Mirror, Closer Magazine, The Times, the Guardian and more, and widespread celebrity endorsement.

** 2000 UK adults were surveyed by OnePoll, on behalf of Skin Proud in December 2021 (in accordance with the Market Research Society’s code of conduct).

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