BCALM Has Launched Their Valentines ‘Self Love’ Roller Ball.

JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINE’S DAY: BCALM has just launched their BRAND NEW geo-cut glass roller ball, with essential oils of your choice: perfect for self love.

Carry your blended essential oils wherever you go, with this pretty, geo-cut glass roller ball.  

The BCALM range includes eight, organic vegan essential oils, which are sourced from sustainable farming methods. The new device enables you to blend your own fragrance, which is personal to you.

BCALM stands for ‘Be Collectively All Living Mindfully,’ – sprouting from English product-design roots, and a desire to create wellbeing products that not only adds ambience and style to your home, but a whole host of other added health benefits, too (with minimal effort required).

Becky Pope and her husband, Richie embarked on their aroma creation journey back in 2020. After being married for a decade with two wonderful daughters (Bella and Betsy), – the 2020 pandemic led the couple to a new approach towards mindfulness. 

Becky recalled: “Guided by our free spirit in a world of lock-down. BCALM was born to help you and your family take some time out to create some calm. The dream is to “Be Collectively All Living Mindfully.

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BCALM’s Founders, Becky and Richie Pope, – are immensely proud of the thought and dedication that has gone on behind the scenes, – to ensure that their customers are offered only the very best: “We have worked hard to source, 100% pure organic essential oils that have been steam distilled or cold pressed correctly, to make sure that the ambient smell comes with added health benefits, as well as being sustainable for our environment,” said Becky.

Previously, Becky graduated with a first-class BA honours degree from Brunel University in Industrial Design and Technology, which helped when it came to creating the products. Furthermore, after having been recently diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines, she found the healing benefits of essential oils therapeutic for her own wellbeing journey.

Find out more here: https://www.bcalm.co.uk

And don’t forget to check out the BCALM PRODUCTcast below: