Marie Callan’s URBAG®: The Sustainable Luxury Garment Cover.

Marie Callan from URBAG® is tackling the single-use waste crisis in the laundry industry, with the world’s first ever sustainable luxury garment cover.

After decades of working in the #sustainability sector, Marie noticed that the laundry and the dry-cleaning industry was significantly lagging behind, when it came to single-use plastic waste. 

Following this frustration, during her maternity leave in 2019, Marie got to work: she created URBAG® to rid the world of single-use plastic garment covers, and instead, – replace them with a smarter, more luxurious, reusable and sustainable alternative.

NOW, Marie aspires to show others that luxury, style and convenience can be zero-waste, too.

The URBAG® is a versatile, high-capacity, reusable garment cover that doubles up as a duffel bag. It can be used anywhere and everywhere: as a travel bag, a suit bag, a storage bag for seasonal items, for suits, and for wedding dresses. Designed by Marie herself (and handmade in the UK), the product is made using reclaimed plastic bottles and organic cotton.

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Since launching in 2020, URBAG® has been made available to purchase in various dry cleaning shops and online. However now, Marie and her team are ready to take the next step, by making the products available to a wider market, and this includes working in partnership with the hospitality sector and fashion houses to increase their reach and impact.

“The past three years have been busy to say the least! Setting up a business and having two children amidst a backdrop of a global pandemic was a real challenge, but I’m so proud of how far URBAG® has come. It really has been a labour of love. From what started out as just me and my sewing machine at the kitchen table, it’s amazing how we’ve gone on to create a product and a brand that is pioneering sustainability in the fashion and laundry industry,” said Marie.

Last year in 2021, URBAG® experienced an impressive 180% growth in sales.

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