Meet Karli Büchling, The Brains Behind Natal Comfort.

Learn how Karli Büchling, a former business consultant launched Natal Comfort, a stomach sleeping pregnancy pillow that’s helped 100’s of women to sleep better.

“I am, and I always will be someone who sleeps on my stomach. If I can’t, I don’t sleep well, and we all know how important sleep is. So when I discovered that I was pregnant, I was concerned that I was no longer ‘allowed’ to sleep on my front,” said Karli, the former business consultant-turned entrepreneur, and the Founder behind Natal Comfort.

Natal Comfort’s Founder, Karli Büchling

During Karli’s first pregnancy, she was desperate to sleep on her stomach, but she was unable find a viable solution, so she spent two years researching, talking to experts, and obtaining medical advice, in order to create her own product that would enable women to do just this. In January 2021, Karli invented the first ever stomach-sleeping pregnancy pillow called ‘Anna.’

That same year, she won a Junior Design Award for ‘Innovative Product of the Year,’ and her business partnered up with the University of Manchester, and Saint Mary’s Hospital in Manchester, – to build on the existing evidence-based research to support the benefits of lying and sleeping on your bump during pregnancy.

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During Karli’s research, she discovered that:

  • Going to sleep on your back is dangerous for unborn babies: it can increase your risk of a stillbirth by up to 15%,
  • Side sleeping (which is promoted as ‘the only way to sleep during pregnancy’) is one of the main causes of back and hip pain during pregnancy,
  • Lying bump-down during pregnancy can improving the placenta’s performance,
  • Lying bump-down during pregnancy can relieve back, hip and pelvic pain,
  • And lying bump-down during pregnancy can improve the blood and oxygen flow between a mother and her baby.

NOW, Natal Comfort is on a mission to help ALL women to experience a comfortable, healthy and positive pregnancy. During their first year of launching, the product has helped hundreds of women to sleep better during their pregnancy, and they’ve been sold internationally in Europe, and in the USA.

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