From Tinie Tempah To Tailor: Meet Dav Sehra From Acre + Row.

Check out Acre + Row, the brand new menswear start-up, – established by Dav Sehra (a former pattern cutter who started his career at Tinie Tempah’s label).

Spurred on by the pandemic, Acre & Row was formed in 2020, because Sehra found himself in a position where he finally had the free time to establish the very brand that he had long dreamt about.

Acre & Row was born from Sehra’s desire to source the very best fabrics from the finest British mills, and combine them with a laidback silhouette, and a precise attention to detail. With a considered colour palette of warm browns and muted beiges, his garments showcase signature stylistic details, such as a pleated shoulder on jackets, one or two button cuffs, and a high-rise trouser with a tapered hem.

Sehra provides a mix of relaxed tailoring and hardworking wardrobe staples. He draws his inspiration from the precision and structure of British tailoring: the garments combine contemporary sensibility with quality craftsmanship.

To elaborate further, Acre + Row’s UJ001 utility jacket couples functionality with elegance, – demonstrating the brand’s commitment to hardworking, practical style: “Typically, Acre & Row clients are looking for well thought-out, timeless garments that are versatile enough to take them from work to weekend. Everything in our collection is designed and crafted to be worn and loved for years to come,” said Sehra.

Also, Acre + Row provides both ready-to-wear, AND made-to-measure garments: they’ve just launched a ‘Made 4 Order’ range that acts as a bridge between the two, – providing the ease of ready-to-wear, but with the reassurance of a more personalised fit.

“Whilst working in tailoring, I noticed that there were only four trouser measurements that would need adjusting. By guiding the client through taking these measurements themselves at home, I can produce a better fitting garment more quickly and cost efficiently,” explained Sehra.

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With nearly ten years in the fashion industry, Sehra started his career as a pattern cutter for a number of small UK brands, including Tinie Tempah’s label, ‘What We Wear.’ Then, Dav moved into men’s tailoring, where he found his true passion for creating garments that are crafted with structure and precision. During this time, he worked under the award-winning tailor Caroline Andrew, where he learned his craft: the techniques of traditional tailoring.

As a result, he fell in love with the idea of creating men’s suits.

And with a newly opened flagship showroom in Mill Yards Bedford, and a by-appointment-only studio on Savile Row, Acre & Row aims to make quality, considered tailoring – an accessible option for any man looking to enhance his wardrobe. 

Since launching, Acre & Row has been featured in, and supported by the likes of The Rake, Robb Report and The Rakish Gent, and Henry Lloyd-Hughes (the actor) has worn the brand.

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