Nicole Bowen’s Mickle’s: Enjoy An Authentic Caribbean Taste.

Founded by a Jamaican-born Nicole Bowen, Mickle’s (the Jamaican food brand, + the newest addition to the British-Caribbean food scene) – has launched in the UK.

Restaurants such as Rudies and Rum Shack may have shared Jamaica’s flavours with the British nation already, but Bowen felt as though something was STILL missing: she wanted to bring a taste of her island to people’s homes, and subsequently, in March 2021, Mickle’s was born.

Mickle’s pays homage to Nicole’s mother, a Kingston market-stall holder nicknamed ‘Miss Mickle’ (due to her eye for a bargain). Mickle’s = Jamaican staples, such as bammy (a flatbread made from cassava), ackee, callaloo, and fruit punch. And let’s not forget about the Mickle’s sauce range (expect hot pepper, crushed pepper, pimento, mango jerk, and jerk seasoning, AND a famous spiced vanilla flavouring with cinnamon).

Also, each product is sold at purse-pleasing prices, so that people can “save their Mickles (pennies) to accumulate Muckles (pounds).” So whether you’re looking for a spicy sauce for a barbecue, OR a refreshing tropical drink, Mickle’s can help (their other products include Bowen’s personal favourites: Mickle’s mango jerk sauce, and Mickle’s pimento sauce).

Mickle’s Founder has given up a successful career in education to keep her mother’s legacy alive.

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Nicole previously worked in education for two decades, but food and drink has always been in her blood. Whilst at secondary school, she started a pepper sauce-making venture, and she helped her mother on her market stall in Kingston, Jamaica.

“My mum had a big influence on me growing up. She encouraged me with my pepper sauce-making venture whilst I was at secondary school, and she taught me a lot. From mum, I developed a passion for budget-friendly products that are packed full of flavour,” said Nicole.

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