The Nicky Hughes Story: From Pandemic… To Universal Flip.

Universal Flip’s Founder, Nicky Hughes modelling her Tote and MOM bags (SEEN ABOVE).

Find out how Universal Flip‘s Nicky Hughes (a former operations director in the legal sector) FOUGHT BACK during the pandemic, to achieve international success.

Universal Flip = sustainable, everyday fashion, for fashionistas everywhere. It’s Founder, Nicky Hughes, – runs the business out of Bramhall in Stockport. However, it wasn’t always plain-sailing...

In this article, the North West-based businesswoman reflects on the struggles she faced during the pandemic. “It has been an absolute whirlwind,” she said. SEE BELOW FOR MORE INFO!

“When lock-down first happened, we experienced shipping delays with our initial wave of products. My beautiful bags were stranded on a container ship! Not only that, but ALL international travel came to an abrupt halt due to the restrictions, meaning that customers were unlikely to want our beach ranges during the summer,” said the North West fashionista and entrepreneur.

Not only did Nicky now have the pressure of a newly-launched business to deal with, but she also had to home-school her son, too.

“That was when I enlisted the help of Cheshire Cat Marketing. They were able to give me that extra little boost. From there, I began to focus on my business. Now, our products are sold globally: in Germany, Australia, and in the US,” added Nicky.

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When Nicky first launched Universal Flip in 2020, her original product line consisted of beach bags, blankets, and caps. But following the pandemic, she was forced to diversify her product range, and this is why she launched three new products: MOM, Totes, and Be Kind bags. “The launch of these new bags reminds me of how far I’ve come since 2020,” said Nicky.

Nicky started Universal Flip, because of her long-standing ‘love affair’ with fashion. After many years of toying with the idea, she finally took the plunge.

Fast forward to now, and Universal Flip has gained almost 20000 followers on Instagram, with paying fans across the globe. Now, they’re looking to expand their product range to kaftans, hats, t-shirts, and more.

Well done, Nicky. Congratulations.

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