Dr Zahida Johal’s Story: From Dentist To Dismissal To ZSmile

ZSmile is an online teeth-whitening start-up, which was launched last year (in 2021), by a 55 year old dentist, named Dr Zahida Johal (after she was dismissed).

It all starts with a smile...

Dr Zahida Johal has worked in the dental industry for over thirty years. After being dismissed from her most recent role (due to her age), Dr Zahida made the decision to set up her own online business (which she launched last year, in February 2021).

This in part, was inspired by her frustration at the frequent misinformation coming from other teeth whitening products.

Therefore, ZSmile uses dental-grade products ONLY, combined with powerful AI software that enables customers to engage in virtual dental screenings. This allows the ZSmile team to uncover any potential issues, instead of using a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

And if any issues DO arise, the team may just advise the customer to see a dentist face-to-face FIRST, before using any ZSmile products.

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“It is important that we maintain professionalism, and that we give guidance for the appropriate use of dental-grade products,” said Zahida.

Since launching, Dr Zahida Johal has sold over 1000 ZSmile products, with ambitions to ‘increase sales immensely’ this year, and to launch into beauty salons and dental surgeries.

We have created a luxury brand. We have also introduced our own branded bamboo electric toothbrush, with the plan of introducing further sustainable dental products to the market. Also, the dental profession needs to start taking sustainability into consideration when it comes to dental and oral-care products,” said Zahida.

Dr Zahida Johal is passionate about supporting young people with mental health issues, so she has pledged to donate 1% of ZSmile’s profits to the Young Minds charity.

Find out more here: https://www.zsmile.co.uk