Cyssan Watches: Classic Timepieces For Unconventional Women.

“Dare to be unconventional.” Launched in September 2021, Cyssan is a ‘considered’ watch brand, – that envisions and designs timepieces for unconventional women.

Cyssan’s Founder, Joanna Kim, – believes that ‘beauty and originality is in the detail.’ And it’s the unexpected details of Cyssan’s watches that makes these ‘unconventionally classic timepieces’ so unique.

The passion that Cyssan’s Founder, Joanna Kim has for fashion, jewellery, and watches, – developed whilst she was living in Milan and Switzerland.

She searched for an affordable watch that she could wear on the inside of her wrist (one that combined an element of jewellery within the function of a watch, – a double-duty accessory), but she quickly realised that most premium watch brands focus primarily on men and watch movements, rather than on women, and what they want in an accessory. 

Prior to launching Cyssan, Joanna moved around the world. She worked as an English language teacher.

From Italy, to China, to Switzerland, Joanna worked and studied culture, education, and language. However, wherever she lived, her attention was always drawn back to fashion, art and design, and in particular, to women: how they live, what they do, and what they love.

So Joanna moved back to the UK in 2017 to join Cambridge University Press & Assessment as an Assessment Specialist. And it was whilst working here, that she finally made her dream come true, and launched Cyssan.

Joanna Kim

“I’d been looking for a watch that combined an element of jewellery within the function of a watch, – a double-duty accessory that looked cool and sophisticated, that came with an affordable price, but I just couldn’t find anything,” said Joanna.

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With this at the forefront, and with the creative support of Min Kim (a talented watch designer with experience of designing watches for luxury fashion brands, such as Valentino and Burberry, and for Swatch Group, – the group that owns brands such as Omega and Swatch), the duo began to work on a premium watch brand especially for women. 

“Watches have been a key part of my life, especially when I worked as a teacher. I always wore my watch upside down, so that I could subtly check the time during lessons,” said Joanna.

The pieces in Cyssan’s small debut collection all function as embellished accessories: with their distinctive buckle and unique strap, they can be worn in a more unconventional way: on the inside of the wrist, – perfect for women who want to challenge convention, as Joanna does.

“Creating and launching Cyssan was a completely new venture for me. I’ve worked in education for years, but I’ve always had a keen interest and passion for watches, fashion and accessories, and this passion grew significantly when I was living in Italy and Switzerland. I finally launched my own business last September,” concluded Joanna.

Cyssan is now listed on various well-known marketplaces for purchase.

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