Little Danube’s Sustainable Soaps: Fix Your Shower Routine!

Little Danube is revolutionising personal care, ONE SOAP AT A TIME: there’s SIX nature-inspired soaps, each with it’s own ‘star ingredient,’ and skin benefit.

Little Danube (also dubbed as “the vegan soap brand that was born when Britain went into lock-down”) aims to create all-natural, vegan, eco-friendly soap bars with allegorical scents, that are nostalgic and imaginative, – transforming your everyday shower routine into ‘a sensorial experience,’ as the brand’s Founder, Katrina Borissova puts it.

To facilitate these sensorial stories, each Little Danube soap features a primary ingredient that builds the framework of the soap story. Plus, they’re non-toxic, scented with natural essential oils, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and they contain antioxidant-rich, naturally cleansing, stress-relieving properties from plant extracts and materials. 

Katrina Borissova

Furthermore, Little Danube‘s packaging is sustainably produced with eco-friendly tissue paper, recyclable soap boxes, and compostable, plant-based delivery bags.

The brainchild behind Little Danube is Katrina Borissova, a philosophy graduate who spent more than 10 years in the corporate sector studying accountancy, but she craved a more ‘creative outlet.’ Following this craving, she enrolled in a soap-making course that sparked her vision of a sustainable business committed to environmental ethics, hence launching Little Danube in 2020.

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“I wanted to transform our everyday shower routine into a sensorial experience, with a soap shape that removes the autopilot mode,” said Katrina.

“The quirky form evokes the playfulness associated with my childhood memories, whilst the various scents remind us of the wonderful smells of the outdoors. Each soap tells its own story, – not just by being named after a city that is crossed by the river Danube, but with a beautiful scent that resonates with a memory and a place, too,” added Katrina.

Since launching in August 2020, Little Danube has been listed as one of TechRound’s Top 38 Sustainable Tech Companies.

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