MYXD Cocktails: Enjoy Bar-Quality Cocktails… AT HOME

MYXD‘s Grant Murray is a cocktail expert. He’s an award-winning mixologist, with DECADES of experience of creating cocktails from the finest spirits and mixers.

MYXD is one of the UK’s most popular home delivery cocktail firms, delivering bar-quality drinks across the country, including Martinis, Cosmopolitans, and more.

MYXD is part of the Cru Holdings stable, which features six bars and restaurants across the Highlands. Grant had been wanting to start his own home-delivery drinks company for a while, but it was the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 that kick-started him into action.

“Because pubs and bars had to close during lock-down, people really missed that experience of going out, and I spotted an opportunity to provide that at home,” said Grant.

“At first, we were out in our cars ourselves, delivering cocktails to the local area. But as soon as word started to spread, we began to get orders in from all over. Now, we’re sending cocktails across the country with next day dispatch. It’s been a wild ride,” added Grant.

As well as working in some of the world’s best cocktail bars, Grant has won various awards and accolades, too, such as the Cherry Heering Classic competition, and the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Calling competition, – to name just a few.

Since launching, MYXD has delivered almost 100,000 cocktails across the UK, and Grant has created over 100 different cocktails, – showcasing a diverse range of flavours and high-quality spirits. More recently, MYXD re-branded, and with this, came the launch of their new website, – which was custom-built to enhance the user experience.

The new site reflects MYXD’s updated-and-revised offering of bar-quality home delivery cocktails: the core range features twenty delicious cocktails (conveniently packaged in single-serve pouches), AND future seasonal specials, – providing the perfect accompaniment for celebrations, all year round.

Last but not least, MYXD has also launched a new box-led ordering system, too. This allows customers to compose a five, ten, or twenty cocktail box themselves, and… fill it with their favourite serves. And for those who can’t make their mind up, Grant has also curated his own range of special pre-made selections to indulge in.

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