9-Out-of-10 UK Women Are UNHAPPY With Their Skin. Here’s Why.

Hada Labo Tokyo‘s ‘Fresh Faced: Mapping Out The Secret To Lifelong Healthy Skin’ explores UK women aged 35+ and their attitudes towards skincare. See more here.

The data (made up of 1,000 UK-based women aged 35 and older) was reviewed, analysed, and published into a new report, named ‘Fresh Faced: Mapping Out The Secret To Lifelong Healthy Skin.’

It showed that a staggering 9-out-of-10 British women are UNHAPPY with their skin.

Shockingly, less than one in ten of us (7%) are happy with our skin’s appearance (which should come as no surprise, given millennia’s of historical concern towards looking our best). So what’s causing this, then?

For a quarter of respondents, sunburn (27%), acne (24%), and eczema (24%) were major concerns, with 18% suggesting that they suffer with cold sores, and 9% with psoriasis, or rosacea.

What’s concerning though, is that a majority of these women (including those who AREN’T suffering with a skin condition) were “conscious” of dryness (60%), dullness (42%), dark eye circles (35%), fine lines (27%), uneven skin tone (27%), redness (27%), and itchy skin (26%).

However, on a more positive note, most women (60%) said that they want to look good for themselves, rather than for others, and almost two-thirds want to look good for their age, rather than trying to look younger. In fact, six out of ten women want their skin to look the best it can for the stage of life they’re at.

Role models who’ve ‘embraced’ their age were chosen as examples of women “ageing well,” with 57% of respondents naming Helen Mirren as their skincare goddess, 42% naming Joanna Lumley, and 40% naming Davina McCall.

The report also showed how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our views.

Lock-down(s) caused more than a quarter (27%) of respondents to drop their daily skincare routines, with just over half (55%) managing to maintain one. A surprising number of respondents (18%) found that their commitment to a routine improved. And, getting back out into the world prompted 64% of women to bring skincare into a sharper focus.

The Hada Labo report also demonstrated that roughly 68% of British women over 35 take “time out of their day for skincare,” especially during the natural ageing processes of both perimenopause and menopause, of which 34% of women said that their skin felt drier than normal.

Dehydration of the skin is a very real issue, especially as we get older. To keep our skin looking healthy and supple, we need to add hydration. We need water-lock formulas to ensure that deep hydration actually lasts,” explained the skin expert, Gina Akers.

Here are Gina’s TOP FIVE TIPS for maintaining radiant skin:

1. Eat The Rainbow: what you consume can make a real difference to your skin. Try to eat plenty of different coloured vegetables and fruits for a good mix of antioxidants and nutrients.

2. Stay Hydrated: drinking enough water is crucial for healthy skin, but be careful not to over-hydrate. One of the best ways to see if you are drinking enough, is to check the colour of your urine.

3. Regular Exercise: working out increases blood flow around the body. This helps skin cells by nourishing them with oxygen, and carrying away waste products, such as free radicals from working cells.

4. Wear Sunscreen Throughout The Year: most people assume that sun damage only occurs in the summer, but that’s not true. Using sun protection on a daily basis will help you to boost your complexion as you age.

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5. Use HERO Products On Your Skin: help nature along by choosing the right skincare products for your skin.

Gina also added that “hyaluronic acid is an effective hydrator, but the size of the molecules is key. Large molecules moisturise the surface of the skin, but for deeper skin penetration, smaller molecules are necessary.”

Dr Catherine Hood argues that a moisturiser alone just won’t cut it.

“With increasing age, the body starts to produce less hyaluronic acid, and what it does produce is lower quality. This results in drier, more dehydrated skin, and stiffer, creakier joints. To keep our skin looking healthy, smooth, and supple, we need to add hydration. It’s important to realise that a moisturiser alone will not do that particular job,” she said.

Hyaluronic acid is a clear gel that’s made naturally within the body. It’s job is to lock in water to keep our skin, connective tissues, and eyes hydrated. And guess whose range is best-known for it’s signature formulation of hyaluronic acid? Hada Labo Tokyo.

‘Hada’ is Japanese for skin, and ‘Labo’ stands for laboratory, therefore Hada Labo Tokyo means ‘Skin Lab Tokyo.’ Their products are manufactured based on original Japanese formulas, and for over a decade, they’ve been the number one brand in Japan.

Beauty experts such as Caroline Hirons and Nadine Baggott are long-time fans of Hada Labo Tokyo. The products boast a next-generation multi-layer hyaluronic acid formula, which penetrates multiple layers of the skin with healthy hydration, and they include anti-aging bioactives, such as retinol and collagen.

Gina Akers had this to say about this fragrance-free range:

As we age, the amount of HA and collagen in our skin naturally drops. This can show as fine lines, wrinkles, and as dry and dull skin, as well as a loss of elasticity and firmness. Hada Labo Tokyo has a unique collection of best in class, and much-loved skincare musts, – from anti-ageing moisturisers (that also act as wrinkle reducers to body lotions, serums, and moisturising milks), – to water-lock formulas that ensure a deep, hydration that actually lasts.

Their ‘hero products’ include two distinct lines, The Red and The White, which are suitable for all skin types.

The Red Line includes Hada Labo’s Anti-Aging Eye & Mouth Cream, the Super Hydrator Lotion, the Wrinkle Reducer Day Cream, the Repair Night Cream, and the Anti-aging Facial Sheet Masks, – which leads to a tighter, brighter, smoother complexion, and a more youthful (or age appropriate) appearance. The line uses next generation hyaluronic acid ingredients that the skin scientists at Hada Labo swear by.

The White Line uses a similar blend of hyaluronic acid science, such as Sodium Hyaluronate (a water-binding ingredient used for moisturizing and hydrating), Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid (small molecules that can easily penetrate and help to replace some of the water lost in the epidermis), and Hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate (a conditioning agent that helps to deposit active ingredients on skin).

This range includes: the Hada Labo Gentle Hydrating Cleanser (which gives the rest of your skincare toolkit a chance to work it’s magic on a squeaky-clean skin), the Super Hydrator Lotion, the Absolute Smoothing & Moisturising Cream (Day & Night), the Intense Hydrating Skin Plumping Gel, the Smoothing Anti Fatigue Eye Cream, and the Moisturising Sheet Mask.

Hada Labo Tokyo was created in the modern pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratories of Rohto Pharmaceuticals Japan in Kyoto. Rohto Pharmaceuticals Japan has over 100 years’ experience of developing cosmetic, health, and wellness innovation. The company is renowned for its advanced research, it’s constant improvements in quality, and it’s high levels of product safety.

Since its inception, Hada Labo Tokyo has achieved success in almost 20 markets worldwide, including Asia, the USA, and in Central and South America. You can find these products on their UK website, and in Superdrug stores.

Find out more here: https://www.gettheglowuk.com