Day: 23 February 2022

Bun-dles: Enjoy An Authentic, Fresh Bao And/Or Dim Sum Delivery

Launched in 2021, Bun-dles is a female-led bao and dim sum start-up that has taken the market by storm, – due to their popular meat, sweet, and veggie products.

Street-wear For Tall Women: How Anita Pingue Created WEXIST.

CHANGING THE NARRATIVE: a black female entrepreneur named Anita Pingue quit her warehouse job in January 2020 to launch WEXIST, a clothing brand for tall women.

SRFDRY: Surf And Outdoor Products, Changing Robes, And More.

SRFDRY is a specialised surf and outdoor sports brand, – which promotes the idea of using water sports and outdoor pursuits as a means to improve mental health.