Street-wear For Tall Women: How Anita Pingue Created WEXIST.

CHANGING THE NARRATIVE: a black female entrepreneur named Anita Pingue quit her warehouse job in January 2020 to launch WEXIST, a clothing brand for tall women.

WEXIST is on a mission to catapult tall women to even higher heights, by “uplifting” them through stylish street-wear, AND by changing the narrative.

‘I started this clothing brand, because I am 6ft tall. It was hard to find trendy, essential clothing that fits, especially when it comes to pants. For most major retail brands, “tall” just isn’t tall,” said Anita.

PHOTO ABOVE: WEXIST, a street-wear brand for tall women.

In fact, it’s short. I started to dislike my height after having so many bad shopping experiences, and I was tired of feeling ignored by the fashion industry as a tall girl. My mission is to bring awareness to the world that we exist,” continued Anita.

Initially, Anita launched WEXIST Inc. in South Florida in 2009. As part of the brand’s initial launch, Anita hosted a tall girl’s gala, but other priorities meant that unfortunately, she was forced to press the one button that no business-owner wants to press: the pause button.

‘At the time, growing my family had become a priority over growing my business, and sadly, I wasn’t able to follow up on my immediate successes, as I had originally planned,’ said Anita. Today, Anita is happily married with three beautiful children, and after walking out of her warehouse job, she refocused her energy back into WEXIST.

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In April 2020 (at the brink of the COVID-19 outbreak, and during the global lock-down), WEXIST launched a brand new line of joggers, with inseams from 35”-39.5”, and… they SOLD OUT instantly (congrats, Anita).

By investing her profits back into the business, Anita was able to open a physical location in Wilkes-Barre, but due to the ongoing corona-virus pandemic, WEXIST Inc (located at 100 N. Wilkes Barre Blvd, PA) is currently closed to the public, however, Anita isn’t giving up: she expects to welcome customers back in person by August 2022.

WEXIST has been worn by the NY Liberty Player, Reshanda Gray.

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