Mum + You (Run By Mums, For Mums): Skincare, Nappies, + More

Mum + You: products for mothers and their baby, including: skincare, bath-time ranges, eco-friendly nappies, wipes, and more (each product is midwife-approved).

Launched in September 2017, this mum-and-baby brand aims to put mothers at the forefront, by designing products that are sustainable and convenient, whilst creating a diverse and resourceful community, in which women can feel supported during their pregnancy, – from childbirth, to recovery, and beyond.

Put simply, Mum + You’s products are designed and developed by mums, for mums.

The range includes baby bath and skincare products, hair and body washes, a bedtime bubble bath, and the Face The Day Stick (a balm to help protect your child’s face from dribble rash, wind, and drizzle). Their skincare products are designed for newborns up to toddlers, and beyond. This hypoallergenic skincare line is safe to use from your baby’s first bath, right up to the moment they become more independent.

The line is midwife-approved, the products come in plastic-free recyclable packing, and they’re safe to use during, and post-pregnancy. The range includes the ‘Easy Tiger stretch mark fighter gel,’ and the ‘Tummy Time firming and toning gel.’

Mum + You’s biodegradable baby wipes are made from plant fibres: they’re plastic free, and they’ll biodegrade in just fifteen days in landfill conditions. Also, the soft eco-nappies are super absorbent to keep your baby dry, AND they’re free from dye and lotion.

For each subscription sold, Mum & You donates to The Hygiene Bank. They’ve already donated essential hygiene products to families via The Trussell Trust food banks, and to various other refugee charities. Plus, they’re a confident flexible working employer, – supporting mums back into the workplace after a career break.

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We firmly believe that if mums are empowered both mentally and physically, their children will reap the benefits,” said Mum + You’s Founder, Rajiv Chandra. 

“Wherever my wife and I lived (whether it was a rich country or a poor one) we saw kids fall through the cracks. Many children we found, just didn’t live to meet their fullest potential. So helping children to meet their fullest potential became our central focus,” added Rajiv.

“This became a huge driver for me to leave the relative comfort of the corporate world, to start a company that would help enable mums and children. It was my time to give back to the world,” said Rajiv.

Prior to launching Mum & You, Rajiv worked for Reckitt Benckiser PLC for over 25 years, in various senior global, general management, and marketing and sales roles, before leaving to embark on a new start-up journey.

Since launching, Mum & You’s biggest marketing success has been their 100% plant-based Biodegradable Baby Wipes, which can now be found on their platform, on Ocado, in Boots Online, and in various other outlets.

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