From Teacher, to ‘Blue Eyes Bow Ties.’ The Helen King Story.

Launched in 2016 by Helen King, Blue Eyes Bow Ties specialises in bespoke, handmade bow ties, with an impressive collection of 250+ products to choose from.

Prior to setting up her business, Helen was a teacher, but she quit her teaching job in Christmas 2021, to focus fully on Blue Eyes Bow Ties. However, the early seeds behind her idea dates back to 2016.

Blue Eyes Bow Ties was born out of a very difficult personal journey. Having been through a tough time, I was desperately seeking a new focus, and designing and sewing came to meet that need,” confessed Helen.

“It was my husband who put forward the idea for bow ties. He needed one, and he couldn’t find what he wanted in shops or online, so he asked me to make him a bespoke bow tie. After dusting off my trusty sewing machine, I got my new project underway,” added Helen.

And Helen enjoyed the process immensely. From sourcing fabrics to developing patterns, she decided to see if anyone else would like her handmade creations as much as her husband. NEXT UP, she launched a new website, and she started to sell her bow ties online. It wasn’t long before people started to show interest.

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Now, her collection proudly consists of over 250 products, and a wonderful array of customers, many of whom have come back time and again. Also, Blue Eyes Bow Ties won the Theo Paphitis ‘Small Business Sunday’ award back in 2016, and Helen’s ‘How to Tie a Bow Tie’ video was used by CBS in an episode of Hawaii Five-0, as well as in a recent Samsung Galaxy phone advert.

One of Helen’s bow ties was purchased by the BBC, and was worn in the 2020 series of Doctor Who, by the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. The bow tie is featured in episodes one and two, ‘Spyfall.’

“Over the last six months, business has really picked up, and I’ve had my best sales months ever. I’ve just taken a delivery of an amazing new logo, which hasn’t been revealed yet, and I’m getting a new website up this month, in March. There is SO much to be excited and positive about, and I feel that Blue Eyes Bow Ties is a company to watch,” concluded Helen.

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