The Woolf’s Kitchen’s Dominique Woolf Launches New Cookbook.

Dominique Woolf from The Woolf’s Kitchen is launching her first cookbook this June, after winning the TV show, ‘The Great Cookbook Challenge with Jamie Oliver.’

The book is entitled ‘Dominique’s Kitchen: Easy Everyday Asian-inspired Food,’ and it’s available to pre-order on Amazon.

Dominique Woolf (a mum-of-three, and the Founder of The Woolf’s Kitchen) successfully fought off fierce competition, with her cookbook concept of Asian-inspired meals for busy home cooks, winning over Jamie Oliver and the series’ judges, Louise Moore, the MD of Penguin Michael Joseph, the restaurant critic and food writer, Jimi Famurewa, and the award-winning recipe writer and author, Georgie Hayden.

Inspired by her Thai heritage, London-based Dominique cooks with big bold flavours that are simple, fast and delicious.

Her new book features everyday Asian-inspired meals, packed with excitement and flavour, and simple, accessible recipes, including those featured on the show, such as tamarind, honey and sesame chicken, roasted cauliflower with satay, and Singapore style tofu. There are also chapters that cover nibbles and small plates, curries, stir-fries, and salads,: in other-words, it’s the perfect cookbook for every cook, and for every occasion.

Upon winning, Dominique said: “Ever since my Dutch grandmother Granny Woolf bought me my first ever cookbook at the age of 9, I’ve harboured a secret desire to write my own. However, I never could have predicted that it would manifest in quite the way that it did. We’ve all watched TV competitions, so the idea that I would actually win one is quite mind-boggling.”

“Like many of you, I know what it’s like to be busy, home late or over-tired, when cooking from scratch is the last thing on your mind. I wanted to show people just how easy it is to use Asian flavours in their everyday cooking. And – although not always necessarily traditional – I wanted to share the kind of meals I cook at home, inspired by my Thai mum, auntie and my granny (who was raised in Indonesia), as well as my travels over the years,” added Dominique.

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Jamie Oliver said: “Dominique’s passion and commitment was clear right from the start of the competition. She consistently delivered on the flavour front, with vibrant, simple dishes that went down a storm with the judges, and anyone else on set that was lucky enough to try them. I was genuinely impressed by all of the finalists on the show, but I have to say that Dominique is a worthy winner. Her book is going to be a joy.

Prior to launching her food business, Dominique Woolf was a singer/songwriter who also dabbled in freelance market research analysis. After having children, she decided to pursue her passion for food through Leith’s cookery school, before throwing herself into the world of sauces. Her sauces launched in the middle of lock-down, and since then, Dominique has continued to launch new products, and she’s taken the food market by storm.

“I launched The Woolf’s Kitchen in lock-down with a 3, 4 and 5 year old, and no childcare. The kids came with me on daily trips to the post office, to retailers, and even to some meetings,” said the foodpreneur and mumpreneur.

Also, Dominique’s products were inspired by her Thai roots: “In Thailand, Nam Prik Pao is a quintessential part of the cuisine, used both in cooking and as a condiment. Our Nam Prik Pow! is my (accidentally vegan) take on it, and thankfully, I got the thumbs up from my Mum,” concluded Dominique.

You can find out more about Dominique and her brand here:

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