Kasturjewels: Inspired By Antiques, With A Contemporary Edge

Kasturjewels: the jewellery brand inspired by antiques (with a contemporary edge). Some of the pieces are made using techniques dating back to the 15th century.

Founded in 2012, each Kasturjewel piece is handmade and selected by master craftsmen, with a contemporary edge, making them more wearable and relevant for the modern woman. The business started, because Rajvi Vora aspired to launch a jewellery brand in London, that embodied a profound story and heritage, – influenced by Indian design, art, etiquette, dressing, and architecture.

Indian jewellery influences on Western society have been evident throughout history (especially during the Mughal period, and in the post-Victorian era). The Empress of India was Queen Victoria. Therefore, Kasturjewels seeks to explore the mix of these two very important and interesting periods of history and design, with a modern twist.

‘Kastur is named after my Grandmother, which means ‘the Gift of God.’ Her characteristics are in effect, what I want my jewellery to make women feel: dignified, elegant, timeless, understated, but grand,” said Rajvi.

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Rajvi worked in humanitarian aid for ten years before starting Kasturjewels, and now, she continues to contribute to her humanitarian passions through Kasturjewels, by donating a percentage of their sales to charity.

Since launching just over a decade ago, Kasturjewels have opened their own store in Marylebone, London, as well as having a presence in the V&A Museum and in the British Museum. Their pieces have been worn by celebrities, such as Michelle Pfeiffer, and they’ve been used in TV shows, including Bridgerton, and Game of Thrones. 

Find out more here: https://kasturjewels.com