Ditch The Headache: Try Days Brewing, The Alcohol-Free Beer.

Days Brewing‘s Founders, Mike Gammell and Duncan Keith, are on a mission to rid the nation of nasty headaches by launching a gorgeous tasting alcohol free beer.

It all started, because Mike and Duncan reached a turning point in life: their relationship with alcohol had changed.

They no longer wanted to deal with the negative effects of alcohol. SO, they searched far and wide for a great tasting beer that offered refreshment, flavour, and social memories, but WITHOUT the headache(s).

Sadly though, that beer didn’t exist. Well it does now, because these two friends decided to do something about it. In 2020, they launched Days Brewing: a truly 0.0% beer.

Prior to launching Days, Mike started his career in finance before moving to AB InBev, the world’s largest brewer. Whilst working for InBev, he predominantly worked across Corona and ZX Ventures, before leaving to start Days at the start of the pandemic.

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“We were inspired to launch Days as we got older, and as our relationship with alcohol changed,” said Mike and Duncan.

We still wanted to be able to take part in all of life’s moments, and enjoy a beer with our friends, at a sports game, or to celebrate, but we were less keen on dealing with the negative impacts of alcohol. Once we realised that there was a solution, we knew that we had to create a non-alcoholic beer that spoke to the rest of our like-minded community: adventurous go-getters who want to do more with their Days,” concluded the duo.

Since launching, Days has built up a strong community of beer-enthusiasts who love beer, and all that it brings, minus the nasty side effects. The ‘Days Duty’ initiative donates 2% of all sales to mental health organisations, and to solidify this, Days were recently awarded with a B Corp certification, – achieving a high score of 105.1.

Find out more here: https://daysbrewing.com